The best slot machines about Great Travels

The best slot machines about Great Travels


If you have been dreaming of great geographical discoveries since childhood and are happy to watch popular science shows on distant wanderings, you will definitely like our selection of thematic gaming machines compiled by our experts.

The heroes of these online video slots are the great sailors and travelers who were not afraid to go in search of new lands and succeeded in this field. A list of games is published below, and detailed articles about them can be found at the links where you can also watch promotional videos. If you are interested in these slots, you can also buy them at our website.

And we will start with the legendary “80 Days Travel”. The slot game is dedicated to the famous hero of the novel by Jules Verne, Phileas Fogg, who made a bet that he will be able to circumnavigate the globe from west to east in no more than 80 days.  Now you will perform in the role of an adventurer and it is you who will win the dispute for the fastest travel around the world. On the way you will be able to meet interesting characters, as well as to visit unknown locations, where luck will help to find no less interesting artifacts and objects of antiquity. And for the most gambling adventurers we have prepared additional game modes that will be available to you throughout the game. Be sure to try out all available options to get the most amount of pleasant experiences.


Thematically, all the events taking place in the next slot machine take place in the golden age of piracy.

From generation to generation, sailors retold each other the legend of the Flying Dutchman. This figure always made hearts beat faster. The mystery and romance associated with it excited the imagination. In those days, every year dozens of ships disappeared in the oceans. These were not only fragile skiffs and boats, elegant yachts and pleasure boats – among the missing were passenger liners and bulk carriers. What happened? Where have you gone? Any sailor will answer you that everything here is very simple and hopeless: they met with the “Flying Dutchman”.


The next slot tells us about the adventures during the Conquista (the period of the conquest of the Central and South America by the Spanish colonialists). A significant part of Mexico was then subordinated to the Aztecs. It is their culture that will be discussed in this slot machine



Once again, we remind readers that the links offer detailed reviews of all machines. If we forgot about some interesting video slot dedicated to great travelers, do not be shy and write about it in the comments. We’ll definitely supplement the review.