Bonus hunting and bonus policy of Online casinos

Bonus hunting and bonus policy of Online casinos


The term “bonus hunting” is perfectly explains its essence. In other words, it’s earnings on obtaining online casino bonuses. Similar establishments introduce bonuses to attract and encourage customers, but hunters do not become their regular customers. They just get bonuses, win back them and withdraw money. Naturally, this practice does not suit the owners of online casinos, so they are hindered in every possible way.

A bit of history. A few years ago, when online gambling was just gaining momentum, casinos offered customers impressive bonuses with low requirements for their wagering. In those days bonuses were really beneficial for players, but the situation radically changed precisely because of the bonus hunter activity. It is believed that this movement originated in Denmark. A group of players from this country realized that on online casino bonuses you can earn good money. Almost every day they received bonuses in various establishments, quickly fulfilled simple conditions for their wagering and deduced winnings.
So it could go on for a very long time if the acting bonus hunters were kept secret, what they were doing. But, apparently, not everyone could keep their mouths shut, and the number of people wishing to profit by casino bonuses grew with each passing day. Eventually, on one of the Danish television channels, a program with a story about this phenomenon came out. Of course, after it the number of bonus hunters increased several times, and this casino could not be allowed to.


Taken measures

We must pay tribute to the operators of the online casino, the measures they took to combat bonus hunters were very, very diverse. First of all, many of them refused to receive any bonuses to players from Denmark, although honest players suffered from this. But such restrictions were not enough, because the bonus hunting has long gone beyond the limits of this country and became popular not only in Europe, but all over the world.

Therefore, some online casinos in general have virtually abandoned no-deposit and invitation bonuses, while others have established extremely stringent measures for their wagering. For example, the bonus not only needs to be played several dozen times, but it is also allowed to do this only in certain games with a high casino advantage. Also spread “sticky” bonuses, which simply can not be taken out of the institution.

Other institutions have replaced bonuses with free distributions and backs, although, as a rule, they also pay winnings in bonuses, which then need to be won back. In addition, it is prohibited to place bets with a low probability of losing. For example, simultaneously puts on red and black on the roulette.

It got to the point that even on paid tournaments, winners are awarded in the form of bonuses, to which their wager terms are advanced. In addition, the rules for obtaining and removing bonuses have overgrown a lot of small nuances that inexperienced users do not pay attention to, and then wonder why they can not get a win.

Currently, most of the bonuses that are offered in online casinos are simply unprofitable to the player. Theoretically, as long as you fulfill the wager conditions, by betting on the required amount, you will lose more than you received in the form of bonuses.


Are there any bonus hunters nowadays?

This question can be answered with confidence in the affirmative. Of course, they are, but their activities are not as successful as they were before. The competition in the online gambling world is very high, therefore, institutions are sometimes forced to take risky steps to attract customers. It goes without saying that an experienced bonus hunter will instantly take advantage of any of their oversights.

Now this practice is not available to every user, because it requires exceptional knowledge, the ability to play professionally and time, but this does not mean that it completely disappeared. In addition, bonus hunters operate not only in online casinos, but also in poker rooms and even bookmakers.

There can be no doubt that attempts to somehow deceive the casino will be undertaken always, while such institutions will exist. So the black lists of casinos will also be constantly replenished.