10 interesting facts about Сasinos

10 interesting facts about Сasinos


What surprises the gambling establishments of the world? We’ve collected the most incredible casino facts that will make you love gambling even more.


1. The toughest players

Some casino players have entered the Guinness Book of Records for their endurance. One of them is Phil Laak. He played continuously for 90 hours at the poker table. At the same time, he won only $ 7,000. Formally, the poker player was playing for more than a hundred hours, but the time that Laak spent on rest was subtracted from them.


2. Without windows and clocks

Have you ever visited real casinos? Remember – there are no windows or clocks. This trick allows visitors to forget about time and lose touch with reality. In addition, the lack of windows helps players feel more comfortable and protected.


3. Color and flavor

In most cases, the floor of the casino is covered with colorful carpets. These are real masterpieces that you cannot take your eyes off. The use of bright colors allows players to stay in good shape and not get tired of the game.

Another feature of the casino is flavor. Each establishment has its “own” smell, which becomes familiar to visitors.


4. Superstitions and casinos

The owners of gambling establishments take into account the superstition and religiosity of the players. That is why many of the world’s casino hotels do not have 666 rooms. Along with this, there are many numbers with the number “777”, which should bring good luck.


5. Roulette wheel

In a casino, a roulette wheel weighs approximately 60kg. Therefore, the croupier only pushes such a wheel, and the rest of its rotation occurs using a special mechanism.


6. The mystical meaning of the cards

Players believe that the cards have mystical meanings. So, they represent 52 weeks of the year. Their suits are the seasons, and each card represents one phase of the moon’s cycle. If we add up all the digital values of the cards and add the joker, then the number 365 will be released, like days in a year.


7. The number of the beast on the roulette

If you add up all the cell numbers on the roulette wheel, the number 666 comes out. This devilish number scares players who associate roulette with the devil himself. It may be so, but some historians argue that such a game was born thanks to Blaise Pascal. True, roulette is still considered the most mystical and unpredictable game.


8. Cards are a rich man’s game

Until the 16th century, only the rich were allowed to play cards. All decks were incredibly expensive and were created and painted by renowned artists. For example, one impoverished nobleman bought a palace and servants for his deck of cards. Since the mid-16th century, maps have been simplified, more accessible and cheaper.


9. Dice

To make the dice for the game show completely random results, they are made in a special way. So, the tolerance on such bones should be no more than 5,000 millimeters.


10. Highest Casino

This casino is located in Nevada, USA. The name of the institution is “Stratosphere Las Vegas” and has an observation tower 350m high. It is even higher than the Eiffel Tower (47.5m). There are 9.3 thousand square meters for games, there are more than 2,000 devices. A video poker game is also offered.