Top 5 Slot machines on a Pirate theme

Top 5 Slot machines on a Pirate theme


Interest in marauding robbers has always been high, and after the release of a series of feature films about Jack Sparrow, video slots about pirates have become even more in demand, which instantly reacted to companies that produce online slot machines.

In this review article, we want to briefly talk about slot machines dedicated to pirates. There are similar models for most manufacturers, and under some brands even several such slots have come out. We will list the games in a random order, as it is difficult to choose the criteria by which we could make a rating. It is difficult to track when exactly all of them were released, but the preferences of our readers differ. So, begin:


 1. Slot machine “Pirates Fortune”


Pirates Fortune UI


2. Slot machine “Pirate Island”


Pirate Island UI


3. Slot machine “Blackbeard’s Booty”


Blackbeard’s Booty UI


4. Slot machine “Rich Pirates”


Rich Pirates UI


5. Slot machine “Ghost Pirates”


Ghost Pirates



Naturally, we have listed not all gambling machines about pirates. Some of them decided to leave without attention, as they are outdated and are unlikely to interest our readers. We probably forgot about some video slots (we will be grateful if you remind us about them). Do not hesitate to express an opinion about the article and evaluate this publication.