Slot machine “Trick or Sweet”

Slot machine “Trick or Sweet”



We present to your attention our new slot machine “Trick or Sweet”


The holiday of Halloween originated with the ancient Celts and appeared in those ancient times by the wires of summer. He was then called Samhain (Old Irish), which literally translates as “the end of the summer”, now in Ireland is the name of November. In the VIII century, Christianity had already spread so much that All Saints’ Day began to supplant Samhain. As a result, there was a mixture of Christian and pagan holidays, which is now called Halloween. Most of all, Halloween reminds Christmas carols, when mummers wander around at home, sing songs and get food for it. A mean master can also punish any prank. But there is also a significant difference that brings Halloween closer to the Chinese Remembrance Day: the lamp of Jack. Now Jack’s lamp is made of pumpkin, and in former times for its production used other vegetables – rutabag and turnip. Pumpkins appeared only with the spread of Halloween in America, because it was the pumpkin that turned out to be the cheapest and most widespread vegetable there. Jack’s lantern is intended, on the one hand, to guide the spirits of their ancestors home (like Chinese lanterns on the Day of Remembrance), and on the other, to scare off evil spirits. So Halloween is a bizarre mixture of the fertility holiday, the remembrance of ancestors (in the north of Scotland and Ireland, so far the legends of ancestors, the rituals of calming the dead) and the carnival are being told this day.






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