Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Heist”

Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Heist”




Heist Themed online slot game

What do we know about high-profile bank robberies? Basically, they are carefully and long planned and done at night. In order to get into the vault, it is necessary to deceive the system, crack the security code to open the door to the “treasury”.

The slot is made in bright and pleasant graphics, bright colors, a convenient and intuitive interface, a simple control panel allow you to fully enjoy the game and join the clan of furry robbers in order to increase your money account. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

On the first screen there is the Wild Heist slot reel on the background of the bank vault, divided into five visually identical columns in a metal frame on a dark background, where all the slot symbols are presented. At the top is the name in big bright letters “Wild Heist”, and at the bottom is the control panel. It contains cells with balance, message, bets and winnings, with additional buttons and a large button made of SPIN steel.

Below, daytime background of the Wild Heist slot, where the bank vault with gold coins opened by thieves is presented. There are mountains of gold all over the vault, a round thick door of solid steel is open, there are storage compartments, and round windows with bars. In the middle of the open door in the vault, there is a smiling black cat – one of the main characters in blue shorts with suspenders, holds a gold bar in his paw, and with his other paw behind his back he holds a bag of gold.



The night version background of the slot is a bank vault with an open hatch, where in the middle there is a robber cat with a gold bar in its paw and a bag behind its back, presented in maroon paints with the presence of cross laser beams. There is an abundance of gold coins in the background and foreground of the background.



Here are two High category symbols. WILD – a round metal frame with a burgundy background, complemented by gilded elements, where keys with a chip are presented in the center. SCATTER is a polygonal steel frame with a safe with a closed door in the center.



Symbols of the category Middle are presented here: a police badge of a curly shape in blue with a gold border, with a star and the inscription POLICE, steel handcuffs POLICE, a robber’s wanted notice with his photo and a prize of $ 100,000.



Three slot symbols belonging to the category middle. Here are the main characters. These are cats-thieves. A ginger cat with green glasses on its forehead, in green clothes, where in its paws are stolen wads of money. Nearby is a white cat in a green cap and green clothes, holding gold bars in one paw, and a bag of money with a $ sign over his shoulder in the other. A blue cat with a bow on its head, bright beads around its neck, in its paws a gold belt with expensive stones.



Symbols of the category Low – letters: A, K, Q, represented by purple, blue and red.



On the screen there is a reel with drawn combinations of symbols, where the winning line is highlighted by laser beams.







This screen shows the winning amount in the center of the reel for the drawn combination.



5 of KIND is a bonus mini-game where the player must choose one of five options in order to increase his winnings.



Pop-up BIG WIN, where in the center of the screen there is an inscription BIG WIN in large white letters with a green neon border, and below is the winning amount.



Pop-up MEGA WIN, where on the main reel in the center of the screen there is an inscription MEGA WIN with the winning amount in large white letters with a neon border.