Slot machine for SALE – “Pirates Treasure”

Slot machine for SALE – “Pirates Treasure”




Pirates Themed online slot game

If someone has decided to hide their treasures away from enemies, then these secrets are not kept for long, and even the most desolate land awaits guests. It is in search of adventure that the brave conquerors of the seas go in order to obtain the coveted chest with jewels.

Above we see the reels for the main game, made exactly in the given pirate-adventure style. The frame of the reels is rectangular, made of noble wood, on the sides there are carved pilasters, delightful carved wooden decorative elements in the form of female figures, as a talisman of good luck. In the middle at the top, on a black canvas, the title is in large bright yellow letters. The upper corners of the frame are decorated with thick ropes, which we often see on ships. Below are three sections, separated by marble balusters, named Major, Grand, Minor and numerical value. The reels are divided into five equal vertical columns of three rows. Here are a variety of symbols from the very high to the lowest category. At the bottom of the reel, on a black canvas, there is a control panel with beautiful cells in gilded frames on a red background: balance, messages, bet, winnings and several additional buttons for playing. Also at the bottom right we see a beautifully designed round shape of the SPIN button, on a blue background, in a spectacular gold frame in a pirate style with a skull. In the background we see ships, one of which is clearly pirate, with white and black sails, as well as mountainous terrain with buildings: a lighthouse on the left side, and on the right – a fort. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

Here is the reels for the Free Spin Game. They differ from the main one by the presence of additional decor, the logo already looks somewhat different. The upper three sections Major, Grand and Minor look different with a numerical value. Added glowing lanterns to the sides of the game frame. The control panel at the bottom remains the same. Also conspicuous the night version of the background behind the reels:



The daytime background of the Pirates Treasure Slot is a beautiful little cove surrounded by mountain ranges. In the foreground, on the sides, we see two ships with white and black sails, sailing along the waves. One of them enters the bay, the second sails away. The sailing ship is pirate, based on the drawings on the sails. Mountain ranges abound in greenery and vegetation. You can also see buildings in the form of a lighthouse on the left side, small settlements in the background of the picture, and on the right on the hill there is a fortress. The blue sky with clouds and the refraction of sunlight complete the background image.

Night background for Free Spins Game. Before us is a restless sea, on which, swaying, sail ships with white and black sails. Stormy weather, lightning thunders all over the picture in neon colors, falling from black clouds that take up most of our themed background. A mountain range can be seen in the background and it is raining heavily



We see symbols of a high category (two WILD symbols and one BONUS). WILD symbol replaces any other symbol, provided that there is a winning combination of symbols on the reel. Three bonus symbols start the FREE SPINS game. The WILD symbols are presented in frames depicting heroes wearing hats decorated with gold and shards. Gold square frames with pirate decor in the corners. At the bottom there is an inscription WILD in bold letters. The BONUS symbol is a three-dimensional gold compass case.



Two special slot symbols are presented in square gold frames with their own background. One symbol depicts a pirate ship, the other – a parrot on a perch. These are very interesting and cool characters too, but they are not as high in value as high-category symbols.



The next are Regular slot symbols. There are four of them, they are already without frames. Each has an aging effect, which clearly indicates elements from the past, for example, a chest, a spyglass, a treasure map. Each element is interesting in its own way. Gold decorative elements are shown here, and the map has a golden glow of light.



These are symbols of the Low category. In this case, these are pirate coins. They are made of silver, gold and copper. Each has a stamp of time. However, they are borderless, quite large and very interesting to use.



And these are 6 bags with jackpots in 2 rows of three in each. The bags of each row are of the same shape, they also bear the imprint of the time. They are made of textiles and suede. Bags with holes and sewn, with patches, tied and open. They are brown and green, which is in the style of our slot. Through the holes, one can see the presence of coins tightly stuffed into the bears. Each of the bags has inscriptions in gold letters: Major, Minor. These bags of jackpots also act as the game symbols of our slot.



Next, a congratulatory screen, which informs that the player has won the BONUS GAME amount. On a darkened daytime background with a game reels, an open wooden chest with a metal decor appears before us, filled with gold and treasures, flying coins and pirate skulls at the bottom of the sides of our chest. At the top you can see the inscription CONGRATULATIONS in large gold letters. Below, in a smaller font – YOU WON, even lower – in a larger green font – the amount of the winnings in BONUS GAME.



Lucky treasure bag is a game mode where only bags are used as symbols. The rest of the symbols do not take part here. The player is given several spins, for which he is guaranteed to receive winning combinations. On our daytime game background we can see a wooden plaque in the form of twisted parchment, made of planks with steel decor in the middle and on the sides. On it, in large beautiful gold letters, we see an inscription in 4 rows – Lucky Treasure Bag and Hold and Respin Feature.



Another wooden plaque made of planks, but here elements on the sides have already been added – a parrot and a pirate knife with a handle, ropes at the bottom, as well as elements with feathers. In the middle there is a carved element, where in the center there is an inscription of the winning game – GRAND in large letters; below is a beautiful golden curly insert, which shows the amount of the winnings. Even below, there is a large round button in the form of an old metal coin with gold letters OK. Grand Win – a pop-up that shows the biggest winnings (if a player is very lucky in the bags mode).



Major Win. The same design and art as winning in the GRAND win. Here, the amount of the winnings is shown a little less than in the previous version. In the center in the carved recess there is an inscription MAJOR. Below is a golden curly insert, which shows the amount of the win. Even below, there is a large round button in the form of an old metal coin with gold letters OK.



Minor Win. All the same design and decoration as in the two versions above, with minor changes On a wooden plaque in the center, the inscription MINOR is written in large, bright letters. Below is a beautiful golden curly insert, which shows the amount of the winnings. Even below, there is a large round button in the form of an old metal coin with gold letters OK. Here the winning amount is even less than in the previous version.



Free Spin Bonus – a pop-up screen informing you that you have won 15 free spins. The screen shows an old pirate treasure map on the day version of the background. It is decorated with edging with colored balls and a decor in the corner on the right with a golden skull, on it in large letters in several rows there is an inscription – FREE SPIN BONUS – 15 – FREE SPIN WON.



Congratulatory screen on an antique parchment treasure map. Design and layout as above. The screen informs about a certain amount of winnings in Free Spins mode. In the middle of the scorched area – the amount of winnings, at the top in large gold letters a congratulatory inscription – CONGRATULATIONS, a niche in letters in a smaller font with a green border – YOU WON.