Slot machine for SALE – “Napoleon In Egypt”

Slot machine for SALE – “Napoleon In Egypt”



Napoleon Themed online slot game

Comprehending the secrets of a slot machine, you will have the opportunity to meet the two greatest people who lived in different eras. Cleopatra was a woman of exceptional intelligence, ambitious, charming, bold, ambitious, unprincipled, insightful. Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant commander, diplomat, possessed excellent intelligence, phenomenal memory and amazing performance. And only thanks to “Napoleon in Egypt” the great commander and the last of the pharaohs will come together in battle. We offer you to move to the battlefields and participate in the events of bygone days. What will win: strategy or cunning? The slot consists of five reels on which the symbols will spin. Bright graphics help to create an atmosphere of an epic battle. Symbols on the reels also contribute to the disclosure of the plot. The interface of the machine is determined by the functions presented in it and has a standard set of control buttons. Starting manual spins launches by the round button on the right, and automatic rotations – the rectangle located next to it. The color palette mixed shades of red and gold, which are perfectly harmonizing with each other. The control panel is made so that the user is intuitively clear what functions the buttons are responsible for. All of them are in the usual places and have standard titles. We invite you to take part in the battle for glory. The winner is guaranteed a solid reward.

According to its technical performance, the slot is a classic version of five game reels with three rows of symbols for each. Among his symbols you can see the great and charming Cleopatra; a gun; the commander’s irreplaceable cocked hat and card symbols. Napoleon himself acts as the Bonus symbol. Game control is carried out using a set of buttons. For convenience, they are placed below the reels. To the right there are the reels start keys in manual and automatic mode. On the opposite side there are buttons for changing the bet amount, and additional settings. Comical adds a stern Bonaparte with a toy horse. We managed to combine two great eras: the fierce battles and the mystery of Egyptian culture. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The background for the game design is the golden sands of the Egyptian desert, on which the towering pyramids and the great sphinx are visible in the distance, forcing you to plunge into the history of antiquity and imbued with the spirit of those times. The country of ancient civilization, a blessed land where the bright sun shines year-round.



Chosen symbolism is very characteristic: on the reels the images of Napoleon himself, his famous cap, cannon, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and, of course, card symbols will rotate. Bonaparte acts as a Bonus. All symbols are bright, voluminous and have a clear rendering. Images in the machine have one of the main roles, therefore, special attention was paid to the drawing of symbols. The graphic design in the machine is very high quality, all the elements on the playing field are placed quite conveniently. Each of the game elements embody the spirit of the era. Turning to historical plots allows to create beautiful design the slot, and make it spectacular and memorable.



Every serious player knows that brilliant animation and excellent graphics play a big role for the full enjoyment of the game. With the help of animation, original sketches express the character of the characters, convincingly conveyed movements and emotions. In addition, there is an animation of non-living objects that help in creating the atmosphere. Original author’s plots and illustrations are striking in colors and foreshortenings: the cunningly smiling protagonist is Bonus, enticing Cleopatra, a scorching gun and a spinning sparkling hat. During the movement, multi-colored card symbols sparkle with splendor, catching the player’s eyes. Players will experience unforgettable adventures in this amazing slot, so ride your horse and get ready for battle!



Below are the sketches of the symbols and they’re the first stage in the development. The thoroughness of the elaboration of the sketch, namely the proportionality of the images, the scale of the structural components, the placement of the structural and decorative lines, will be the key to compliance with the author’s intention and ensuring quality at all stages of design.



Creating of balanced models that will be used as the final basis for symbols. Each image was given even more character, by adding some texture, some sense of surface to make them more interesting. Adding a pattern gives personality to some objects.