Slot machine for SALE – “Fire Queen”

Slot machine for SALE – “Fire Queen”



Fire Queen Themed online slot game

Say the word “fire” with the expression and you will feel the passion boiling inside. Look at the bright orange-red flames and feel how they heat the skin. Fire is an amazing element. It is no coincidence that fantasy authors often turn to him. Fire-breathing dragons are almost impossible to defeat, they are a symbol of unlimited power. The wonderful phoenix birds, rising from the ashes, are an image of eternal hope. But what if we add another mistress of fire – beautiful and indomitable, like the element itself? We will get a bright slot – Fire Queen!

Fantasy fans and adventurers will appreciate the magical world that opens in the game. This gaming reality is not like any of the real corners of the Earth. Give players an acquaintance to the Queen of Flames! If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The slot echoes the book “Queen of Flames” from the fantasy trilogy “Shadow of the Raven”. The beautiful Queen Learna fought for the independence of her Kingdom. Players will also fight for their victory in this rich and vibrant slot. The game background opens up an enchanting landscape in front of the audience. Revived volcanoes are illuminated by bright boiling lava. The same warm orange light breaks through thunderclouds. The frozen lava from past eruptions covers the earth, and the cracks in it are already filled with a fluid boiling mass. Players feel safe: the view of the volcanoes opens from the shelter. Spectators are in a cave with sparkling crystals.



Bonus symbol – image of a griffin. The winged lion is the embodiment of power. It symbolizes power over heaven and earth. Griffins are often found in mythology and in heraldic images. Of course, such an assistant should be next to the Queen of Flames.

Scatter symbol – the image of the mistress of the flame. The queen shows the power over the elements with all her appearance. Her hair is like tongues of fire. It looks like she can direct the streams of fire with her hand. A ball of fire is about to burst from an open palm.

Wild symbol – dragon head. Dragons in different cultures have different symbolic meanings. The most common association with a fire-breathing monster is a treasure keeper. Remember the crystals from the cave? It is such wealth that the wise and indomitable guardian guards. To whom a huge beast that can spew flame will submit? Only to the queen of fire!

Regular symbols are made in one style: on a dark background you can see contrasting images, associated with the element of fire. A burning arrow is ready to tear off a bowstring of a richly decorated bow. Such an arrow always reaches its goal! Firebird feathers light the way for strangers and help them overcome difficulties. The phoenix against the background of the full moon folded its wings in flight so that it repeats the outlines of the lunar disk. The volcanic eruption is bewitching and makes you stare at the rivers of liquid fire and pillars of smoke without interruption. And here is the fiery fox – a symbol of oriental culture. In Japanese mythology, foxes are usually endowed with supernatural powers. Perhaps this fox in flames instead of fur is a beautiful kitsune that can turn into a girl?

Low symbols – classic card lettering. But look how expertly they fit into the theme of the game! Each letter is decorated with a phoenix feather. All letters have different colors, so that it is easier for players to perceive them.








Pay tables are decorated in red and black. The background resembles the surface of a sleeping volcano in the cracks of frozen lava. The inscription “Paytable” is made in shades of orange and resembles a live fire.



Buttons for switching between screens with information are similar to large emeralds. It is this kind of stones dragons protect in their caves.



Congratulatory screens are similarly decorated. On a red-black background there is a dark gray, almost black uneven surface with an inscription.



Here is a gemstone too. Not an emerald, but a ruby. It is just huge! “Ok” button is framed in the form of a ruby.