Slot machine for SALE – “Ascot Race”

Slot machine for SALE – “Ascot Race”




Horse Themed online slot game

If someone loves a truly equestrian business, then this is forever, forever and ever. You can’t leave it. A true lover – a beautiful view of a horse, its powerful neighing, its rapid running, its clean breath, its good smell – will always excite and disturb. Today, a visit to horse racing is an ideal vacation option for families with children, because here you can not only admire the beauty of competing horses, but also take advantage of other opportunities for entertainment. This is a cocktail, the main ingredients of which is aristocracy. It reflects all the luxuries of the life of a real aristocrat. If you always wanted to feel the atmosphere in which wealthy people live, your dream can come true right now. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



On the main background, players will be able to meet with professional riders, and be in the midst of real racing at the racetrack! All this magnificence is located on the background of pleasant greenery with a large stand in the distance, from which it is very convenient to watch the races.



Among the symbols on the reels there are elements, each of which emphasizes the style of the slot. Thus, the following pictures are present here: a golden horseshoe, a saddle, a pink hat, a rider helmet, a ticket with a rate. Special symbols of the slot machine are the winner’s golden cup, which was drawn as a Wild picture. It replaces all symbols on the reels, with the exception of the Scatter and Bonus. Scatter symbol is an image of the same girl who meets you near the reels. If the player manages to collect a winning combination, he can activate the mode of additional spins, which he doesn’t has to pay. The Bonus symbol is an image of three jockeys desperately eager for victory. There are also card values.



In the bonus game, the main character will offer you to open cards with the image of a horse with a rider. Behind each of them multipliers are hidden. Place a bet on your favorite horse.



Hippodrome is a great place to relax in the fresh air. The choice of bets is very wide, and if successful, the gain can be significant.



Rewards for betting can quickly become quite high, so use your intuition and always strive for the jackpot – you never know when you can win it and win the most prestigious race in the whole world.



In order not to look like a foreign element in this magnificence, visitors follow certain rules. The presence of special symbols with additional functions in the slot can not only foster interest in the game, but also significantly increase the winnings. The functionality of these symbols is indicated on the first page in the payout table.



The table contains a lot of theme-related symbols that help players feel more passionate about the theme of the game. Each symbol in this table has its own value: symbol image * number of symbols in combination = win amount. Pay table shows the player how much money he can win by collecting one specific combination in one spin.



The third payout page allows each player to understand what kind of winnings he should expect from any symbol of card denominations.



 The transition to the bonus game is always a holiday. And we tried so that people who came to the Ascot Race racecourse and had not yet had time to understand the essence of races did not confuse.



The results of these competitions are subsequently taken into account when entering the main game mode.



The player will always be notified when exactly the next Free Spins are activated.



The number of free spins that the player received initially will be played, after which the win will be credited and the main game mode will switched on.


Horse lovers will have something to see. When will all this begin? Make your bets …