Slot machine for SALE – “The Cave of the Fallen”

Slot machine for SALE – “The Cave of the Fallen”




Horror Themed online slot game


The cave of the demon of the night, what hellish battle is going to be waged here, what is good or evil, what forces will be stronger, whose magic will drive the enemy into flight? The union of the three is always the law. Strong and powerful Stella commands the strength of the metal of the ancient magic sword «Saturn», her eternal helper and best friend Cyclops, slightly dull but very strong, and of course is a mutant spider, always silent and drooling.  Ambasador, lord of the deep, is a truly powerful demon creature who wants to gain new lands and power over the element of fire wind.  It already controls the lands of the troll kingdom and the outlying kingdom of the celestial amphibians. Having gathered her pack of chained dogs, she prepares an insidious plan to burn the village of silver forges, thereby creating a trap for the alliance and finally smash them and take all of Stella’s forces. With the help of the blade «Saturn» the evil witch will become the most powerful immortal and no force will stop her. All space will fall into darkness, and chaos will descend and consume all life, erasing from the face of the earth all mankind. The human world is always intertwined with the world of monsters. Every thought children have about night terrors reinforces the dark world of monsters, but at the same time, children’s dreams make other kingdoms of good masters of light stronger. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot reel is full of dark colors with horror elements. There is a powerful, frightening slogan called The Cave of the Fallen,  in its bloody execution. All icons with a hint of monstrous darkness and magical inclusions of different directions. All volumetric illustrations are arranged in five rows of three monster symbols each. A certain number of lines allows you to expand the boundaries of treacherous combinations and thus allow the player to get their cash prizes in the world of monsters. The control panel is filled with an abundance of color. The key «Spin» in the center with a glowing inscription on the lilac background of the circle. «Auto» «Stop auto» blue and red key, allow to automatically start the rotation of the drum and vice versa, take in their hands each twist. The betting field allows you to change the amount from the minimum value to its maximum limit, or simply by using the key «Max bet» immediately put the highest bet that is only possible in this game. The «Balance» and «Win» window will be filled with sums and will be informed about the change.  The more successful hot combinations will appear, the higher the prize amount:



The cave of the fallen, a very dark place. How many monsters and good defenders of light have been killed here. Another slaughterhouse is on the verge of a foul, but our alliance of the three will resolve it.  Stella will pierce with her sword an alien monster whose blood melts any solid defense. Cyclops was left without his shield, and the witch removed it with her long tentacles and incinerated it into a handful of ashes. The whole gloomy atmosphere of the countryside brings great turmoil and anguish. The elf tree is rotten through the bloody waters of the abominable orcs. The poisoned stream was once a truly healing source for the light-bearing highlanders weakened in battle. But the times of bloodshed changed the entire cave, turning it into a rotting graveyard. The last magic fire of the wind burns, illuminating all the protective runes on the rocks. The light at the end of the cave reminds us of the times of the reign of the lightbearers, when the worlds were in balance, and good did not exceed evil, and vice versa.



The high symbols. «The Book of Spirits», the magic of the monsters of the upper world is enclosed in a magic metal shield with an acid inscription bonus. Three or more of these symbols unlock the bonus level of the game, which has the chance to multiply the win. The symbol «Scatter» with the image of the alien monster, makes you wonder whether it is necessary to contact him. Vile monster, with rotten essence. The larger the scatter, the more chance you have of getting additional free spins. Ambasador, the devil’s spawn, represents a «Wild» symbol that replaces any other symbol from the middle and lowest, except for «Scatter» and «Bonus». The witch’s dog or servant, the formidable and ugly Chad, wields the magic of cold and freezes everything he touches with his cold paw.



The middle symbols are our brave and courageous trinity of light. Cyclops is a mighty giant from the mountains, once a member of the Middle Order, but he was expelled for his stupid actions in the village. All that’s changed is that he’s become a warrior of good and protects the balance between the worlds, but stupidity is his thing, so he keeps his mouth shut to avoid saying something stupid out loud. Stella the «phoenix woman», when the time came, the high council elected her protector and head of the union of the three, and endowed her with the power of heaven, giving her dragon wings. And finally, little Silver, as a dog, was cursed by a wizard of the spider clan, and mutated into an obscure spider-like creature with a human skull. It looks like a very creepy green sleeping sickness, but inside it’s still the same kind and sweet dog.



The low symbols are plain Latin letters and numbers, scaled with huge claws and dabbed monster eyes. The abundance of color is not repulsive, rather cute symbols, simply blink silently eyes and rustle skin.



The bonus game. A number of magic books from the other side appear on the screen. All you need to choose the desired option and click on it. We are given several attempts. As a result, we see that when you turn the book upside down, a prize monster appears with a winning sum or if you have not guessed then just an empty mutant who does not carry the winning money.




Horror themes always excite the blood and make fantasy even brighter to embellish the events associated with monsters and monsters. Playing this game we plunge into the world of fiction, and create their juicy monstrous combinations with bold prizes, sorcery and spinning drum make all monsters move and give us mystical winnings. Create your union of light, and defeat all monsters and villains!