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The Justice machine

The eternal confrontation between good and evil is now embodied in our new slot machine "The Justice machine".

First-rate vector style and superpowers of unique characters will remind you about the rare editions of comics. The justice machine is running and one day evil will be defeated! Head your loyal assistants and lead them to victory over the enemy.

Each character is endowed with his own superpowers and is a first-class fighter, who has inspiring arsenal of murderous methods, which can bring down even the most sophisticated enemy. But the villains are not weaklings and they're able to oppose all of their hidden features, to tip the scales in their favor. The only trump which have the forces of good - is that you are the brave their leader and with your help, the forces of evil will have no chance!

As you move through the game process of the slot machine, you will become available hidden locations in which unfold epic clashes of your heroes with the enemy forces, where you have to demonstrate all chief the skills and try to become victorious. As a reward for the victories you will receive extra points, with the help of which you will be provided with options of bonus games. The better you will cope with the obtained task, the more points you can earn as a reward. We have also prepared a special table of rules and payments for you, so that you will be aware - a number and variety of which game symbols will bring you the greatest reward.

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Mexican Fiesta

We invite you immerse with us into the charming atmosphere of celebration in our new slot machine "Mexican Fiesta".

As soon as the sun begins to touch with the numerous roofs, locals are starting to gradually arrange preparations to the most fun event. Many of them are prepared in advance the stylish costumes, most of which were made by their own hands to accent individual taste and stand out from the crowd. Most of the tourists from all corners of the Earth comes to these colorful celebrations to their own eyes to see the full extent of national marches and carnival attire, and then tell about their feelings to friends and acquaintances.

By evening, the people in the squares and streets become so numerous, that in most cases need with great difficulty to wade through the crowd of people. However, this is even more amuses and inflames festive mood by asking positive rhythm to all, who want to join the huge crowd. Hot mariachi captivates you by groovy tunes of their guitars, and the bartender in a tavern is already pouring tequila with a soft shake of maracas. Kids are trying to break the pinata and the starry sky fills with shots of fireworks, with a cheerful and joyous laughter. We have tried to take the best from these events and to implement this in our slot machine, so you can join to one more culture and feel like one of native Mexicans. Estamos esperando por usted!

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Smallies & co

Unlimited fun and endless stream of laughter is guaranteed! And all this because a new interpretation of the well-known minions is reaching to a new level!

You could not even imagine earlier, that most known to the pain, yellow, the little naughty could to evolve and even to acquire a social status and profession. Fortunately, by this they do not become boring, but on the contrary, began to look even amusing and funnier. These babies know how to bring you to colic in the stomach, because every time they come up with something new and different from the others.

We are pleased to present you the playing madness in our slot machine "Smallies & co". The set is represented by quite a lot of variety of the game characters, and each of them has its own individual structure, character and appearance. The brave policeman, carrying a law and order in each house, rocker, razing the roof of the neighbors with his performance of heavy metal, athlete, who paying more attention to the body culture and courage, a young chemist, who obsessed by calculations and derived formulas, as well as a beautiful lady, shooting by her eyes, and mafia boss, who proudly smoking an expensive cigar. All these and many other characters await you in our slot machine, so you can not only to play, but also enjoy the entertainment gameplay. We wish you good mood and the mountains of win bonuses. Cheers!

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Rich & Famous

We present to your attention the game slot machine for those, who appreciate a style and fabulous luxury!

Here you can feel like a shark of business and infinitely powerful man, before whom all the doors are open as if by magic. Many people want to be like you, trying to imitate you, and most of them will sweep by wave of technological progress, the rest will be behind you in an endless race for power and uncompromising leadership. Your glory was got not easy, and now you are not going so easy to leave the throne of the alpha man, that you've rightfully deserved.

To reinforce your dominance in the world history and the area of virtual entertainment, we decided to create for you a set of game symbols, which will emphasize your status and will make others to look at you with envy and awe! Jewels with elegant faceting, that will flow by magic waterfall in a series of bonus games, jewelry, quality and beauty of which will envy even Arab sheikhs, luxury cars and yachts issued by a single copy only for you, as well as the high society attributes and accessories that reflect your unique taste. We have also prepared a special table of rules and payments for you, so that you will be aware - a number and variety of which game symbols will bring you the greatest reward.

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Are you fascinated by astrology and have an unquenchable desire to knowledge and the mysteries of the unknown depths of space?

We have tried to convey the mood and a state of each symbol, what were created especially for the game slot machine "Zodiac". What secrets keeps the infinite universe, how many billions of stars flashed by the brightest light before going out forever, if there is life on Mars or in other galaxies? The scientist teams should to ponder a very long time about most of these questions, and we are likely will not know even a small part of the mystery, hidden from prying minds.

Instead of the endless attempts to lift the veil and to shed light on the most interesting questions, we have created a game slot machine, where we tried to show our vision of how could look a lot of things, that are difficult to explain and present in the moment. You can see the game characters, as some well known planets, precious metals and undiscovered minerals from the deep crystal caves, thematic symbolics, as well as a unique interpretation of zodiac signs. Each graphic element has been created in order to make a good impression and cause a genuine interest to so wonderful science as astrology, as well as to expand usual knowledge about game slot machines. Enjoy!

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Caesar's empire

According to ancient legends, Rome was founded by two brothers, but within two and a half centuries has turned into the most powerful Roman Empire, that become able to conquer many different states and provinces by continuous territorial expansion.

Fortunately, you can relax, because we have no plans to carry out a long tour through the historical records and chronicles. Instead of this, we want to introduce you one of our gaming slot machines "Caesar's empire". For more realism, we decided to develop each game symbol by using the most advanced technology of creating 3D graphics, to the more reliably you can transmit the mood of a bygone era. Here you can see the image of the great Emperor Caesar, beautiful Queen Cleopatra, juicy and appetizing still life, consisting of ripe fruits, grown in the solar fields, as well as weapons and equipment of the imperial guard. You will also have the opportunity to visit the famous Colosseum, in which were the most spectacular and bloody battles in history, and to assess the quality of an ancient architectural construction.

We hope that you enjoy to spend your denarius, raising the bets in the slot machine, because the winning prize should be worthy of the Emperor!

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Wild West

Sparkling the Sun is at its zenith, and warms up the plains, that have cooled overnight.

Young mustangs are rushing through the prairies, slicing the sultry air, fanning powerful nostrils and trembling every muscle bulk of their slender body. Night predators are peacefully indulging by daily slumber, located in the shady places and waiting for the sunset, to go to the source of life-giving cool water. From now, former bandits honor the law and respect the physical and moral rights of civilians, because now exactly you had finally put things in order in this small, quiet town.

Welcome to our gaming slot machine "Wild West", where you can find a bunch of a variety entertainments. Wear a hat, take a whip in your hand and go to the paddocks - to train unbroken mustangs. Show everyone that you are a brave cowboy! Assemble a team of fans the adventures and go to search of gold deposits. Obtain your first gold bar. Open the trade bench and submit caravans, loaded with a wide variety of products for every taste, through new routes! Finally, open your own saloon and pour the locals and regulars soft drinks and whiskey, hire dancers, musicians and arrange an entertainment, that all glorify you and threw their hats into the sky! Or play in our slot machine and feel the whole atmosphere of this with us.

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Is within you a spirit of a brave Spartan, who boldly looks into the eyes of the dangers, who doesn't stop at nothing for the sake of his people, for whom the call of honor is above everything?

Once your homeland peacefully existed, hard working farmers worked on fields, and protected crops from pests, fishermen went to sea journey and brought the catches of strange sea creatures, pastoralists kept and increased the regular growth of livestock, honored warriors of Sparta trained their young sons in the event of future hazards. But the world is always fragile, especially when foreign invaders dreams about your lands, and wants to enslave the local population and get them praise outlandish lords. The most courageous and steadfast children of Sparta will never bow their heads under the banner of enemies hordes and will resist to the enemy in any, even the most inopportune moment. Brilliant Spartan tactics and masters of military affairs will be spectacular and methodically destroy the enemies, leaving them lifeless body on the blood-drenched ground.

We invite you to get acquainted with our gaming slot machine "Spartan", where you will find the most detailed game symbols and extensive background images, on which we have tried to capture the most spectacular locations. If you're a fan of this genre, and you close in spirit to Spartan theme, we will be very pleased if you choose our slot machine. We are waiting for you!

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Ancient Maya

In riotous arrays of impenetrable jungle the secrets of the ancient Mayan are hidden from the prying eyes. Evergreen walls are carefully camouflage the settlements of countless researchers and restless fans of selfie.

How many treasures are stored in temples, which were built centuries ago, how many of them are left in the world of ancient settlements, which so far no one knows? At these questions, you may be able to get an answer with a help of interested scientists, but we can offer you to get acquainted with the graphic design of this theme in our slot machine "Ancient Maya".

We have developed background images with beautiful sceneries of the ancient civilization, suspension bridges through bottomless pits, dangerous waters, encircling the secret islands, areas with sacrificial fires and majestic totems. As the game symbols you will find a wide range of different artifacts and ritual objects of local population, including the sacrificial dagger and a necklace made up of canines of rare leopards. Local fauna is inhabited by unique wild predators, some of which prefer to hunt at night, and the rest - at the afternoon. And of course characters. Brave and fearless leader of the tribe, armed with a jagged spear. He is harsh and merciless, and his body is covered with armor from the skin of the defeated beast. The beautiful daughter of the leader, singing songs and dancing during the ceremonies, as well as a crazy shaman, whose predictions are largely incomprehensible, but still provide the protection of the local aboriginal people. All this you can see right now.

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Chinese fortune

We suggest you to review with the game slot machine "Chinese fortune", made in the best cultural traditions of the Far East.

In a quiet backwater on the mirror water surface the gentle lilies are peacefully swaying, and entice you to visit this beautiful place. The wind gently sways dense bamboo thickets and gives the impression that behind them lies a talented musician who strums sincere motives for the overall picture of peace and tranquility. Under the roof of the majestic pagoda residents organize the tea ceremony, brewing the finest and spicy Chinese teas.
Beauty, traditions, harmony.

As the evening came you will certainly need to visit a Chinese festival, which takes place in the squares, and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the national and cultural attributes. We have prepared a set of game symbols specifically for the slot machine to accentuate compliance with the chosen theme. Sets cliche of pure gold, jade statues of imperial tigers, festive lanterns and firecrackers. Also, we didn't forget about the golden frog statue, that brings luck and cash flow to its owner, as well as create unique characters. Wise and fair emperor, which enthroned on a golden lion and battle-hardened master of javelin. Wise and fair emperor, enthroned on a golden lion and battle-hardened master javelin. We wish you a good mood, inner peace and great winnings.

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We are glad to present you the slot machine "Lung-fu", based on traditional eastern stories and legends about the confrontation between two forces. Each force has its own field and mission, but nobody knows - will be the confrontation or not, and what will be next.

Clean mountain air gets into your lungs, and fills them with the power and freshness. You contemplate the most majestic landscape in your life - a place where the mountains go up high, far beyond the clouds and illuminated by sunlight. The ideal temperature allows vegetation to coat the rocks densely and turn them into a picture of indescribable beauty and balance. Above, the golden dragon is flying and watching, what is happening on the ground, and at the foot of the mountains the tiger is wandering and guards his land from the constantly overhanging dragon. Many people, with bated breath awaiting some events, but nothing happens. Life goes on, and local workers continue to go about their worldly affairs until their guarded by two deities.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our slot machine in the spare time, armed with a cup of green tea and is conveniently located in the easy chair or on the couch, turning on some relaxing music and plunged into nirvana. The quality of graphics performance will pleasantly surprise you and make sure that you really looked for the light curtain in the Asian region. Let the power of the dragon and the tiger wisdom will help you to win in our slot machine.

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In early childhood, you always listened stories and before a bedtime you've read about the great kingdoms, about conflict between good and evil, unprecedented adventure and journey through an imaginary places. The fabulous villains have intrigues against the main characters to prevent their plans and knock off the intended path. The forces of good tried to defeat evil against all odds, and establish the flag justice. All these stories are captured and inspired us, we imagined ourselves as heroes and dreamed of the same adventures. Years later, we have grown up, but still remember the most vivid stories of our childhood.

Today we have prepared for you a slot machine "Wonderland", based on the most famous fairy tale by Lewis Carroll - "Alice in Wonderland"! Are you ready to go out for an adventure in the new game interpretation? Do you want to know - how is deep the rabbit hole? Then go! You will visit the fabulous and incredible place where all is not so like in reality. Take a stroll through outlandish mushroom glades, but be careful, because behind every bush and flower may be lurking hostile creatures, that wish to prevent you in your journey. You will meet the talking rabbit, you will get acquainted with the wise caterpillar and will take a part in the tea party in the company of the Mad Hatter. But do not relax, because you still have to fight with an army of Red Queen, and to help the Duchess to return her rightful throne. Welcome to the fabulous world of gaming slot machine "Wonderland".

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Empire of gauls

Welcome to the fabulous world of gaming slot machine "Empire of Gauls", where we have gathered the most vivid illustration and game symbols, dedicated to the subject of the peace people of Gaul.

Here you can see the local people, each of which is engaged in their favorite thing and every day is enjoying life. They hunt in the dark thickets and forests for the terrible and fatty boars, they're fishing and gathering herbs, and on holidays organize mass celebrations, where fry whole boars and uncork barrels of wine and honey. But not all so easy, as it might seems at first sight to a simple layman. Dastardly Romans dream to expand the possessions territory of the empire, and they're resolved to conquer the peaceful village, but they have no idea that the peaceful people of Gaul is able to give them a worthy rebuff and to put an end to the rough attacks on their lands.

In our slot machine you will meet with already known characters - Asterix and Obelix and their faithful four-legged companion Idefix, who is always accompanies of our good friends. While our heroes are training and preparing for a meeting with the insidious invaders, by eating juicy, rosy meat, local Druid collects the necessary ingredients and herbs in the forest, to cook a magic potion to give immense power and agility. Naive Roman soldiers are confident of victory, because they still not even aware, what destructive force they will encounter. Well, we wish them good luck, although it will not help them in a meeting with our brave protectors of Gaul.

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We are glad to present you the game slot machine "Vikings", impregnated with the spirit of Scandinavian stories and made in accordance with the theme of local folklore.

A long time ago, in the northern lands behind icy seas, lived harsh nation of real heroes. Hardened by the fierce cold and have a truly marvelous immunity and powerful physique, they boldly challenged to the nature and to the optimists, who dared to join with them in the dispute. The hard climate and rigorous training could temper the young boys, and turn them into brutal and unflinching warriors, good-natured among the people, and ruthless in bloody battles!

You have to join the ranks of the mighty Vikings, to learn their culture and traditions, enjoy the landscapes of their homeland, and the modernization of their humble dwellings. Taste the local food, which has rich abundance of high-calorie foods in order to maintain morale, and sing the glorious name of Odin as the true scald. In the weapon arsenal you will find a surprisingly considerable amount of all kinds of weapons, which can kill your enemy by the most sophisticated ways. Your choice you'll be provided with the mighty two-handed axes, two-edged swords and deadly spears, that enter into the flesh of the enemy, as if a red-hot knife into a piece of fresh butter. Step aboard on the combat drakkar, that is proudly dissecting the water surface, and go to conquer new lands, bravely encountering any dangers on the way. Good luck and enjoyable game in the slot machine "Vikings".

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Fun fair

Just today and only now, three-dimensional madness, embodied in our slot machine "Fun fair", opens its doors to all, who wish to indulge in unrestrained merriment!

Our team decided not to restrain ourselves in diversity, and provide you with a wide range of all kinds the entertainment, embodied by the use of advanced hardware and the latest software in the area of 3D graphics. You will have access many well known attractions, as well as to few slot machines, which are presented here in the form of individual bonus games. You have the whole day ahead of unforgettable emotions and adrenaline action; and to strengthen these expressions, we invite you to ride on the crazy rollercoaster. Wind will certainly spoil your fashionable hairstyle, but the positive waves will give you more energy and joy. See the beauty of the urban landscape with a bird's eye view will allow you to walk on the Ferris wheel.

Do you like a speed and you can't imagine a life without a healthy rivalry? In this case, we offer you to take a part in crazy races on free trajectory. For the youngest visitors, we have prepared several varieties of cheerful carousels, that no one can't be bored and stayed satisfied throughout the day. Find your power, check your dexterity, shoot in the dash and knock out some great prizes! And if you are tired of the hustle and decided to relax, you can go under the big top, armed with a beam of cotton candy. Here are working for you funny clowns, animal trainers and talented equilibrists. We wish you good mood and pleasant pastime!

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Gladiator of Rome

Once upon a time, he has served to the emperor and was a great commander, who managed to persuade the feet of the Roman Empire, the whole unruly tribes of barbarians. He was an excellent tactician and strategist, and carefully thought out orders given to his faithful troops before battle.

However, even among those who loved him, and composed legends of his exploits were those, in whose hearts germinated an envy and malice, more and more accrescent and acquiring a sinister shape. Through a series of events, he had to go through different severe tests - from the treacherous exile and slavery to gladiator fights and performances.

We present to you the game slot machine "Gladiator of Rome", made in the vector style, and based as a result of inspiration, derived from watching Ridley Scott's film. We offer to get used to the role of a gladiator, where you will have to re-gain the respect, causing a storm of applause and rapturous jubilation of the crowd. Every time, destroying a new enemy, you approach to one step closer to a meeting with your sworn enemy. Do not spare anyone on your path, generously spilling blood for the joy of the spectators, because now your goal is to close more than ever. Bloodthirsty warriors and ferocious beasts can't to compare with your bravery, courage and a fierce thirst for victory. From now, the destiny of Rome is in your hands!

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Mafia hunt

Immerse yourself into the charm of gambling and wild colors of the nightlife with our gaming slot machine "Mafia hunt".

While dull clerks scurrying through the streets, or get in packs, in search of decent work, the most penetrative of them helpfully offer to help the bandits, not wanting to breathe dust papers in stuffy offices. The boys were yelling in all throat, offering to buy the latest news and to know, whose body was found in the river last night. At first glance, this may seems the ordinary and usual, but in fact on these streets has long been run by the gang families, and dominates a stupid and disobedient people, promising to return for his protection. The most dedicated policemen they easily lead around a finger, blowing dust in the eyes and applying clever tricks. Everyone else is already considered in their fist. The doors of the underground casino are opens in front of you, and knowing the right people, can get quite their own. Although that many people know about ownerships of online business to mafia clans, these facilities are never empty. The motliest crowd is walking here all night long. Famous actors, big bankers and petty thieves are drinking expensive champagne at the same tables with corrupt cops, which are playing blackjack and roulette. Beautiful dancer are beckoning you to drink a glass of whiskey and enjoy the show, but behind a secret wall is conducting illegal bets by the most inveterate thieves elite representatives.

Take part in this dazzling cocktail with the fiery rhythms of jazz music, but be careful and keep your mouth shut, because until the morning you can still have time to go as the fish feed. Good luck!

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Vampire hunters

Few centuries ago, in the castle of one of the Lords, lush balls and noisy celebration were arranged, gathered distinguished guests, set the tables and the room was filled with light and the sounds of voices. The loud music was playing, performed by talented musicians, and people were breaking into pairs circled in a whirlwind of dancing, flushed with laughter and drunk wine. Some of them went away to the rooms, others escaped to the balcony to breathe the fresh air, but something was wrong. Only in the morning, when the castle was enveloped by the silence and hundreds of mixed odors, it turned out that among the invited guests there nobody left alive. The only courtier, who was survived, became the witness of a frightening picture, which plunged him into unspeakable horror and shock. Trembling with fear, he jumped out of the castle and ran like mad away from the place, at which the curse has fallen. However, in the depths of medieval rooms still someone been.

Welcome to our gaming slot machine "Vampire hunters", where you will play the role of a vampire hunter, and conduct its own, independent investigation of once happened the tragedy. Find out all the causes of the incident, and to find the culprit of an ancient curse and many innocent victims. You will be provided with an arsenal of fighter with evil spirits, magic artifacts and enchanted precious stones, as well as a book of powerful spells for the contingency.

Be alert and do not succumb to the temptations and enticements, because there are rumors that a vampire, who settled in the castle, is a beautiful woman, seeing of which blood freezes in the veins of even the experienced fighter of evil.

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A flock of bats broke free from their confinement, and went to announce the return of their dark lord.

We decided to upend the idea of a grim part of the subject, and to present you our game slot machine "Vampires" in a bright and positive way. Let you are not confused of the reflection of despair and imminent danger at the background images. On top of the hill is placed the castle and at its windows you can see the light. Perhaps at this point, someone in the kitchen focused on the creation of exquisite culinary delights, which structure does not include garlic. The fireplace was kindled in the catacombs and marble coffin is empty, but not because Dracula, tired from the slumber went to search of fresh blood, but rather from the fact that at night is so cold that his patience was over and he hurried to the bathroom. Gusty drafts, wandering through the long corridors, are periodically send you to unfamiliar rooms, to see the interior and contents, which was long-hidden and inaccessible to most mortals.

There is a laboratory, in which once were carried the most horrible experiments and created potions, unusual by their structure and color. Now this room is crowded by the variety of bottles with medicines for colds, and the library is bursting at the seams due to the collections of cookbooks and recipes. Suddenly flashed a shadow and you're flinching, but there is nothing to fear, because it's just a cute black cat, in the neck which a mysterious key is dangling. What he opens, and the consequences of your curiosity? Find it with us in the game slot machine "Vampires".

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A new round of confrontation, which will entice you in our gaming slot machine "Legendlore", made in a vector style. This time we decided to develop the idea in the direction of fantasy and to offer you a new story on the vast expanses of Middle-earth.

Bloodthirsty leader of orcs gathered legions of the army very long time to start a war with the legendary King of the Elves, and grab him lands. However, royal spies constantly watched for the advance of enemy troops, and timely reported everything to their military leader, so elven defenders always maintained a state of full combat readiness. By the time when the siege of royal walls has begun, one of the commanders - elven warrior, swore that she would destroy the leader of orcs by the price of her life and she kept her word. The forces were unequal, and the fortified walls couldn't withstand the onslaught of the fierce hordes long, so the warrior had to make tricky maneuver and make a bet with the leader of the Orcs, agreed to hold the match, under which the winner takes all and the loser should leave their land and go into exile. After a long battle, lousy leader was defeated, and his survived in a battle troops has left the battlefield in a panic. Many of them were caught up with well-aimed arrows of elven archers, but when the fog of war has dissipated, and a silence has became there, everyone still long recovered from the effects of a large-scale battle. The glory about the warrior's feat has spread all over Middle-earth, and no one dared to challenge the kingdom.

Take a part in the game, make your bets and win!

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Ikitan's quest

A long time ago, in a small village lived a follower of the Aztec cult of voodoo - Ikitan. In one of the quietest nights he arranged shamanic rituals to invoke the rain, but the terrible lightnings, which tore the sky, told him about something else. The ancient gods have decided to hide their treasures in secret holy places, so no one couldn't find them. However, nothing couldn't hide from prying eyes of Ikitan.

We invite you to an unforgettable adventure through uncharted lands in search of long-lost treasure in our slot machine "Ikitan's quest". Jungle store a lot of mysteries and secrets, and exactly you will help the protagonist in researches of mysterious signs and symbols, to find the ancient treasures of gods. Dangers will lie in wait for you at every step and therefore can't to relax even for a second. Listen to the breath of wind, explore the smells, look for clues, and most importantly - do not waste time in vain. In the way you will come across of various relics, each of which will have its own unique value and features. Each tomb will filled with deadly traps, which able to knock out your hero, so proceed deliberately and make decisions carefully. To get to the main treasure chest, you will have to sweat and go through the plates in the correct order, otherwise the spirits will extinguish the flame in the golden bowls and you will be buried forever in the dark maze, but if you still will be able to do everything right, then a waterfall gems and gold coins will be waiting for you.

Good luck in your quest!

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Gods of Olympus

We are glad to present to you the game slot machine "Gods of Olympus", made in the vector graphic style and based on legends and myths of ancient Greece.

We suggest you take a look from a different angle on the ancient Greek symbolics and attributes, which have been converted into a gaming theme for your pleasant pastime. Here you can see the weapons and equipment of the mighty Olympians, adamant and invincible even under pain of death, beautiful painted amphoras with fragrant olive oil, temples and crumbling columns, which have kept the marks of past battles. You can also see here the gods of Olympus, displayed in the form of game symbols. Great God of Thunder Zeus, who overthrows the thunder and lightning to vile enemies, mighty Poseidon - the lord of the seas and oceans, armed with a trident and commanding waters, and warlike Athena - goddess of war, wisdom, knowledge and the arts. All of them are constantly being watched and protect the land from enemies and are always ready to give a fitting rebuff to the opponents. You also have to prove your devotion to the gods, your fortitude and patience.

Commit noble deeds and actions, and someday may earn the favor of the gods. As a reward you will be provided with an access to the bowls, which filled with gold coins. All of them will be closed by covers and some of them will be empty. Will your intuition and internal feelings help to guess - under which cover you will find wealth? If not, don't despair - perhaps, you'll be lucky the next time. If you'll guess right, your luck will bring you one step closer to Olympic gods! Good luck!

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Dark Thirst

The ancient and terrible vampires rise again from their gloomy dwellings, and rush in searches of fresh blood to the nearby human settlements. Some of them - newly converted ghouls, scary and bloodthirsty, always relying on brute force, ruthless and merciless. Others on the contrary - cleverly disguised as nice people, charming and inviting their intellect and extraordinary charisma. That's only goal, which pursued by both of them, is absolutely identical - to dry a human completely, to rid it of vitality and energy, and to deprive the warm blood.

Many residents in panic are leaving their modest abode, and try to flee, but not everyone can finish the thing and reach a safe place. We invite you to play our new slot machine - "Dark Thirst", made in vector style and emphasize the vampire theme. You have to get used to the role of the ruthless destroyer of evil and come out on the warpath against the bloodthirsty monsters. Arm yourself with holy water, garlic potions and a holy prayer book, and also don't forget about aspen stakes and a silver weapon, because in the battle with the monsters alone, is not enough only prayers. Wait until dawn, when the dark forces fall into a stupor before the sunlight, and get in close to their dark mounds. Do not regret your forces and weapons, and by the evening there will be no one living vampire.

Civilians will be able to finally sleep in peace, and your worthy reward will be waiting for you at the appointed place. Keep calm and don’t forget the secret password.

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Blood circus

For those, who like to tickle the nerves and to feel a slight state of horror, mixed with the desire to win huge bonuses, we strongly recommend to try your luck in the new game slot machine "Blood Circus".

Carefully designed decor of encirclement and the atmosphere of circus entertainments invite you to buy a ticket for the new show in our performance. Here you'll see the most incredible and unusual shows, in which you will be shown the most horrible tortures, after which the hair stand on end, and stuntmen remain alive and unharmed. The most spectacular show freaks, collected from all corners of the globe will lead you into a state of indescribable awe and delight. You will be able to personally see the most incredible transformation of the human body and their terrible consequences.

Play in a bloody bowling alley with Death, where instead of the ball you have to throw someone's head, meet crazy hairdresser, who even in a cage, raves of creating new hairstyles. Maddened nurses, crowded with a feeling of revenge, sommelier-nosferatu, tasting a rare blood type, snake charmer, who training her wards to an even more dangerous and deadly form, and many other actors will turn your trip into an unforgettable ride of fear! But the highlight of our program, undoubtedly is throwing of sharpened stilettos into the body insane clown-psychopath. Each affected area on his body brings you a certain number of bonus points. How far can you go for the win?

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The Da Vinci Device

Highly detailed vector graphics had never before looked so realistic and now you can join the great ideas of the talented scientist in our slot machine "The Da Vinci Device".

This slot machine is entirely devoted to scientific works and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, many of which you can see here as the game symbols, such as a polyhedron, a prototype of the first aircraft, a prototype of the first helicopter, and the famous drawing Vitruvian Man, which was created as an illustration for a book dedicated to the works of Vitruvius. The most interesting invention, in our humble opinion, is the cryptex box, and we tried to move the idea of this device into the bonus game of the slot machine. When you see this screen, you have to guess the necessary combination of game symbol, which will allow you to win bonus points and increase your winnings. Otherwise, you will not win anything, and an acetic acid will dissolve a parchment with your bonus.

While developing universal pay tables, we tried to maximally reliably to convey a character of cryptex device, by drawing the constituent parts unassembled. Maybe it will inspire you to own inventions, but in the meantime you can enjoy a game in the slot machine "The Da Vinci Device".

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Shuffle Cross

Once, in the world of gaming slot machines, the pioneers of slot machines were slots with fruit theme. Over time, the graphic design of this direction has leaped forward. Moreover, there was a huge variety of unique ideas, implementation of which will expand the borders of conventional thinking about the virtual excitement, but the classic remains the same all the favorite theme for many players.

If you are an ardent fan of the classic slot machines, then we will gladly please to your tastes and preferences. Welcome to a new game slot machine "Shuffle Cross", made in the best traditions of the genre. Each symbol was designed from a scratch to introduce you a unique view and originality in well known objects. Initially, we drew sketches, giving credence to the form and choosing the most appropriate angle, then chose the right color and lighting to give a fair of volume and finally ready prototypes have implemented into the overall picture of the game reel. Sometimes, while watching the final versions, we got an impression that the fruit looked so natural, that we wanted to touch or taste them, and if you take them and squeeze a little in your hands, you could get juicy splashes on the screen. What can we say? Now you can appreciate the work, designed by us, playing our slot machine "Shuffle Cross". We are waiting for you!

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Lucky sphinx

Under endless and sand dunes, caused by the southern winds, the tombs are hidden, but the path to them is hidden and covered with millions of sand grains. Only one day in a year, the sands are showered in depth, exposing the entrance to the tombs of the Pharaohs, where the number of secrets and treasures exceed the number of bright stars in the night cloudless sky. Many different researchers and art historians have tried to find out, in what kind of day there is a wonderful event, but those who knew and were able to penetrate into the dark bowels of the treasuries, couldn't go out from there in time and were buried there alive. To your happiness, you have absolutely nothing to fear, and all fears of the unknown remain in the past, because we have prepared for you an absolutely secure version of cryptstalker in our slot machine game "Lucky sphynx".

We will share with you a secret, and you will know when the passage tomb is revealed, also we will tell how much time you need to get out of there unharmed, but hurry up, because spies can also know about it. In the depths of the dark corridors you will find untold riches of the ancient pharaohs, golden statues and symbols, the sale of which will bring you fabulous profits. Also, you will meet on your way the Sphinx, which guards the treasures and you will be asked riddles. Here, unfortunately, we can't help you and you have to astound of an ancient guardian with your erudition and intellect, but possible gain will exceed all your expectations. Good luck!

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India dreams

We present our game slot machine "India dreams", made in the tradition of Indian culture.

Mark Twain once wrote about India, the following words: «India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!»

We have tried most authentically reproduce the atmosphere of this exotic and incomprehensible country, so you can imbued with its spirit, and to find in it something special for yourself. The beautiful landscapes of untouched nature, magnificent temples and palaces, amazing by their size and architecture, and a huge amount of natural riches are waiting for you. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit the local markets, where the most exotic and various goods and products, ivories, pearls or coral, gold jewelry with precious diamonds, emeralds and rubies, as well as the luxurious carpets and mountains of fragrant spices on every taste, can be offered for you. It is a home of honest people and you will never be deceived in the purchase, because the reputation of merchants is valued above everything else. You definitely should to haggle with local, because in this case, you will be much faster taken as their man. Music will fascinate you with its lyrical melodies and tunes, and a local fauna will pleasantly surprise you, especially peacocks singing in the early morning. Immerse with us into the world of Indian culture in the game slot machine "India dreams".

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Life of Minions

We are glad to present you a new slot machine "Life of Minions", impregnated by positive energy, cheerfulness and tireless craving for entertainments.

It is said that laughter prolongs life and therefore we suggest you to familiarize with another interpretation of well-known minions. Right here that you will get an excellent opportunity to laugh heartily. Funny and comical characters, who constantly arrange some holidays and having fun as long as they're strong enough, will pleased with their crazy antics and crazy activities. You can see the little kids, which are celebrating the birthday, or entertaining at an amusement park. To make each character unique and to endow him with its role and character, we had to work through a few different options of test sketches, in the result of which we bring to light a unique creation, the appearance of which is able to surprise even the most sophisticated lovers of cartoon graphics.

Here you will meet with the most outstanding representatives of the world's minions - agent of the government, a beautiful stranger, a spoiled player and a lover of selfie, and young punk. You will be able to visit cultural locations in different countries, and of course can’t do without the most necessary attributes of a fun pastime. Bring a bag to put it in the most needed, do not forget the camera to shoot the most cheerful moments of life, skating race, shooting all the passers with soap bubbles along the way. We wish you good fun in our game slot machine "Life of Minions".

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Fruit cocktail

Welcome! Tired of the daily routine and monotony, but you're still far from the desired vacation? Tired of cloudy days and wet asphalt, and the mood is getting worse with each passing day? We invite you to sit back and relax with our gaming slot machine "Fruit cocktail".

For a better presentation of fruit madness in the classical wrapper, we decided to develop our slot machine with the use of new methods of processing 3D graphics. New tools have allowed us to convert pre-painted colored sketches, into 3D and fun fruits. Thanks to cartoon game symbols, the atmosphere of total relaxation and good mood will accompany you throughout all the game play. You place bets, while drinking a cocktail and enjoying the pleasant sea breeze, coming through the open window, fruit symbols are winking to you from the screen in a fun animation, and now you're getting a big jackpot, greedily rubbing his hands. At first glance, all this may seem - an utopia, an impossible dream, or fantasy, but we are trying to create not only slot machines, but also provide them with the magic of a special feeling, to starting to play them, you can feel the atmosphere and feel like in completely another dimension.

At the moment, we want you to take a break from a hard day, think about something pleasant, to gain strength before the new round and later go for the victory. Because the victory - this is what you deserve!

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Thor: Stormlord

We present our game slot machine "Thor: Stormlord", made in vector style and developed on the basis of the Scandinavian myths and legends.

We offer you to plunge into this subject in a playful interpretation, and assess the quality of performance of graphical elements and attributes. In addition to the standard symbols, presented in the form of ancient runes, you can see here the mighty god of thunder - Thor, armed with a powerful, divine hammer - Mjolnir, leading enemies in awe and reverence before its infinite power. In the words of the Torah, only "chosen" is able to lift the hammer and therefore, apart from him, nobody has been able to do it.

Also you can see here the goddess of fertility, love and beauty - Freyja, who often moved across the sky in a chariot, drawn by affectionate cats, and she was a well-versed in magic. Flying above the ground, she sprayed the morning dew and summer sunlight, from her golden curls were falling spring flowers, and tears, falling on the ground or in the sea, turned into amber. But the most attention, we would like to draw the image of Brunnhilde. It was the most warlike and the most beautiful valkyrie, defying Odin: she gave a victory in the battle not to those it was intended by the supreme god. As a punishment, the god plunged her into sleep and exiled to earth, where Brunnhilde had to lie on top of a hill Hindarfyall, surrounded by a wall of fire. All this and much more you can find in our game slot machine "Thor: Stormlord".

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Greek Legends

Welcome! Today we decided to make an excursion across the expanses of fun slot machine "Greek legends", developed in vector design and based on extensive ancient Greek mythology.

You will meet with the powerful gods and goddesses of Olympus, to see wonderful mythical creatures, and to fight with horrible monsters. God of the sun - Helios will illuminate your path on the way to new discoveries, dispelling the darkness, which was sent by God of dreams - Morpheus, the mighty Hercules will protect in times of danger and come to help in the most difficult moment, and winged Pegasus will take you away from the fatal sight of the Medusa Gorgon, while she won't turn you into a stone. You will get acquainted with the noble Prometheus and deliver a piece of fire to humanity, as well as to meet with the most beautiful goddess of love - Aphrodite and from the heart to have some fun in the company of Dionysus. But not all the gods are friendly and except the fun you'll have to enter into battle with the god of war - Ares, and also to avoid tricky traps of Hades, which is always ready to get a fresh soul for his underworld kingdom.

We invite you to play with us in the slot machine "Greek legends" and win unprecedented wealth, which could be the envy of King Midas. Upon reaching some success, you will have access to bonus games where you can collect your points and thereby increase your winnings up to Olympic level. Let luck accompanies you today. The luck, which is worthy of the gods!

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Beauties & Romance

You can be the soul of the company, cheerful storyteller and energetic habitue of the most fashionable and glamorous parties? Is nightlife and luxurious events your sphere of natural habitats, where you feel like a fish in water?

Especially for the most sophisticated persons we have prepared a game slot machine "Beauties & Romance", a place where you can realize your wildest whims. In the morning you will find a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear pools in the company of the most sultry and charming representatives of the golden youth, and the evenings you will be carried out, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in the casino. At the local female inhabitants there are no liquidity problems and you need to match their level, otherwise you just got the wrong address. Their fingers are covered with tight gold rings and their hands are entwined with bracelets, inlaid with precious stones. They live in the most luxurious residences and drive through the expanse on the perfect vehicles limited series. Would you like to make a sea voyage with the photo session - excellent! Want to shopping chasing the innovations of the season - there is nothing easier. They are young, beautiful and unlimited in its freedom, because the presence of platinum cards - the most reliable key to all doors.

Join the new community of successful people and discover new horizons. Luxury life awaits you in the game slot machine "Beauties & Romance".

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