Butterfly Jackpot

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This fun slot machine includes:
1. Game reels (PSD: 720×528 px);
2. Unique game logo (PSD: 629×73 px);
3. Background image (PSD: 720×1280 px);
4. Ten symbols (PSD: 544×544 px);
5. Five Win pop-ups (PSD: 720×502 px);
6. Four Jackpot Win pop-ups (PSD: 720×1280 px);
7. Rules pop-up screen (PSD: 700×815 px);
8. Indication of winning line;
9. Pay tables (PSD: 720×565 px);
10. Pop-ups (PSD: 700×348 px).

Additional upgrade and tuning services:

  1. Are you not satisfied with the design of the logo? Our team will develop a unique logo that will meet your requirements, including redesign the appearance, as well as the required name for your game.
  1. Are you require an individual dimensions of an interface? Or don’t you like the layout of interface elements? We’re ready to suggest you full redesign of game interface according to your preferences. The presence of elements of navigation and control of the slot machine can be expanded, supplemented or completely modified.
  1. The set of game symbols can be upgraded in accordance with the size of the game reels. We can increase their quantity, change their dimensions and purpose.

We also offer a full redraw from scratch for special symbols such as “Bonus”, “Scatter”, “Free spin” and “Wild”.

  1. Do you want to add a few additional bonus games to the slot machine? Our team will design additional bonus games for you, think about their mechanics and new principles of winnings, which can be displayed in the form of special decorative objects and elements.
  2. With the help of payment tables, you can read the most of rules and principles of the slot machine operation. We will help you create unique pay tables with an individual approach. Change of the text information according to the operating principles of the slot machine, and also the redrawing of the existing design.

All graphic elements of this slot can be customized or replaced according to your wishes. You have to contact the Tuning Support on this issue.

Keywords: butterfly, butterflies, flowers, garden, fairy tale, romance, night, sunset, magic.


Online slot machine for SALE – “Butterfly Jackpot”

Since ancient times, these incredible insects have been considered symbols of beauty, eternity, youth and spiritual rebirth. These are real natural flowers. They are so magical and fantastically fabulous that they will win the heart of anyone. The butterfly is a symbol of the soul, immortality, rebirth and resurrection, the ability to transform, since this winged heavenly creature is born, transforming from a caterpillar. Butterflies transmit our desires to heaven, and if you whisper your desire to a butterfly and then release it, then it will certainly come true. Butterflies are the most ephemeral and most beautiful creatures on Earth. Where there are flowers, there are butterflies. Graceful little creatures, they amaze with their beauty and grace. Butterfly Jackpot is an amazingly colorful video slot that attracts attention and amazes with the dazzling beauty of butterflies and the presence of large wins.

More detailed information about this slot machine you can find at our blog.

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