Goblin Mine




Goblin Themed online slot game

Five reels are divided into three lines. The gameplay includes not only the basic symbols, but it can also please you with the presence of Scatters, Bonus icons and Wild icons with increased chances of making a profit. A distinctive feature of the game is the presence of unusual crystals, each of which corresponds to a certain factor. They are connected to a Wild symbol, thus increasing the spin effect. The main function of the Wild is to replace the missing pictures to make a winning combination. But if it is combined with a multiplier, then this combination, which has united with its help, is already considered by the increased coefficient. With such a counting system, monotony disappears and diversity appears. A myriad of gems, free spins and lots of nice bonuses are the main advantages of the slot machine. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –  https://slotopaint.com/product/goblin-mine/.

The sketch immediately shows that most of the mine does not have a light source, since the goblins do not need light to see in the dark. Despite the draft version, it is clear that monsters called goblins live here, everything is saturated with this topic. Fantastic images, graphics, stylization create an atmosphere of fear.



A terrible atmosphere envelops at a glance. Tension bridges, wooden scaffolds, carelessly splashed blood stains on ragged fabric ceilings. A human skull is visible in the corner. The longer and more detailed you look at the main background, the more you embrace the feeling of fear and horror, plunging into a fabulously eerie reality. At any moment, one of the goblins will burst in to show who is in charge. Each element of the cave is so detailed that a sense of horror will not leave you for a long time.



Even with small glimpses of daylight that burst into the cave, terrible sensations will not leave you. It became brighter, but not calmer. Below, a mysterious blue spring, as it were, inspires success, but every second you need to be on the alert. The combination of gloomy colors with light interspersed from burning torches and barely breaking through sunlight, is deeply immersed in the surrounding reality. Take a closer look, maybe the biggest treasure you’ve ever seen is hidden somewhere.



To begin the process of drawing, you need to think through each new image to the smallest detail – the silhouette, design, color and texture – it all affects how the symbol will look in its finished form. At the stage of creating an art sketch, you can make any changes, experiment with color, size, show your imagination, give freedom to creativity, imagination and create a real masterpiece! All elements betray the mood, correspond to the image that was conceived. All this is thought out at the stage of creating an artistic sketch.



Animation is a great way to revive everything that happens on the screen of this slot machine. Thanks to the animation, the user creates the effect of being in the game, interacting with characters and objects. An exploding bomb will transfer to bonus mode; a cart filled with crystals will tell the player that Free Spins are waiting; A beer mug will help to relax and replace the symbols with a more profitable option. Evil and bloodthirsty goblins will vigilantly and tirelessly monitor everything that is happening.



The slot symbols are drawn in such a way as to fit perfectly into the theme. You have to meet with three dangerous and creepy characters, each with their own abilities and characters. Something always happens in the goblin cave. These evil creatures are unsurpassed fighters when it comes to robbing enemy vaults. The wealth of the diamond world can be yours. Each graphic image is filled with an atmosphere of mysticism and horror. The Wild symbol is a huge green frightening goblin, characterized by a special property of expansion (Expanded Wild), as a result of which it takes the place of three symbols at once. The second advantage of this symbol is the replacement of any basic symbol, so that players can quickly collect winning combinations.



Animation adds its own charm and irony. The glowing goblin eyes and blood-drenched symbols further emphasize the character of the slot machine. Bright crystals of various shapes and colors shimmer in their splendor, attracting treasure hunters to themselves. There are many varieties of precious stones, and to take possession of them is everyone’s dream. The appearance of 3 Bonuses on the reels marks the beginning of the bonus game. On an additional field, the player is offered a choice of 5 various monsters.







Each win is an explosion of emotions: joy, delight, surprise. Therefore, our window with the amount received in the bonus round is made like an exploding bomb, which brings profit in its blast wave.



In this sketch, the plot of the picture of the bonus win, the size and ratio of objects, the location of the symbols, the lighting, which will be the main and what is secondary, and, importantly, how all these components look in the general style, is thought out.



The colors that are present in the window are consonant with each other and correspond to the idea of the slot. On a broken wooden frame with ominously frightening skulls and a green goblin hand, they seem to want to take away your winnings.





When 3 or more bundles of explosives appear on the game reel of the slot, the bonus game will be activated. It takes place in an underground cave where gold and precious stones are mined. You should find a new mine.




The Scatter symbol is represented by an image of a trolley filled to the brim with precious crystals, which can appear on any reels. Three or more corresponding symbols mean the launch of Free Spins with an undefined number of spins.