Slot machine for SALE “Star Wars”

Slot machine for SALE “Star Wars”




We present to your attention our new slot, available for purchase in our shop. This slot machine, developed by our designers, covers the Star Wars epopee.

It is difficult to find a person in the whole world, who never would have heard of the saga “Star Wars”. Even if these people didn’t watch no one episode of the blockbuster, you have probably heard of their famous characters such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, Master Yoda and Chewbacca.




The army of “Star Wars” fans is counted in millions. Especially for them our new slot machine will become a real present, on the eve of release the next episode of saga. Backgrounds of this slots are the endless galactic spaces. You can enjoy of space travels in the fight with alien races once you’re starting our game.




Once you’re starting the bonus game you’ll be able to get your reward in a fight with the enemy warships. All characters of the slot are animated and look very realistic. Having played in the “Star Wars” you’ll want to return to this slot again and again. Feel yourself like the conqueror of open spaces.




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