Slot machine for SALE – “China Spring”

Slot machine for SALE – “China Spring”




China Themed online slot game

In the spring, China is striking in the beauty of the living nature, the Chinese provinces put on colorful dresses, peach and cherry trees bloom everywhere, flowers bloom in gardens and parks. Even in the northernmost corners of the country, a change of season is felt, warming is everywhere. No other season can boast of such changes that occur in the spring. At first she wakes up from a winter sleep and at first looks a little sleepy, uncertain. However, every day she begins to take over her rights and gain strength. Feel the gentle breeze now, the same – light, spring! China Spring will remind users of all the colors of life, that is why it is made in a bright and rainbow style. Five three-row reels descend from tree branches. As symbols on the reels you will find: panda, sakura branch, bonsai, figurine, fan, temple, cat, bamboo. Not without card denominations. Looking at these symbols you immediately understand that you will not be bored today. The control buttons are conveniently placed under the reels. Hitting the Gong-Spin, the reels will spin, bringing spring closer to your home. The Auto and Stop Auto buttons will start or, accordingly, stop the automatic spinning. With the help of +/- Bet buttons you can set your preferred bet value. The indescribable atmosphere of China Spring will give you a feeling of warmth and joy.

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The main background clearly and colorfully conveys the spring mood. All elements and colors are filled with joy and expectation of something new, pure, sincere and present. A flowering tree that you can enjoy the aroma of its flowering. A cheerful twitter of frolicking birds announces the arrival of spring. A strewn field of dandelions on bright, fresh, green grass. In the sky, gradually descending from a cold height, clouds begin to roll. The image of spring is so accurately conveyed that you can look at the background for a long time, admiring every detail depicted.



The main feature of the video slot is its game symbols, which determines the frequency and size of the player’s winnings. So, in total 12 symbols are involved in the machine, some of them belong to the category of special ones. Wild symbol, Scatter and Bonus are used as special symbols, which, unlike other game images, in addition to awards also offer other useful functions to the participant. In the role of Wild, the machine uses an image of a Chinese temple. Another special symbols is a Scatter. It was drawn in the form of the famous cat statue. A charming panda, gnawing on bamboo, acts as a Bonus. Regular symbols of a slot machine are the attributes of the China: a bonsai tree; cotton balls; a red flashlight, without which not a single holiday can pass; fan; Sakura branch – a symbol of the arrival of spring. As well as multi-colored card denominations from jacks and above, decorated with flowers. All these images can only be formed in combination, which leads to wins.



In addition to the main game mode, the user is invited to play in the bonus round. The principle of this round is quite simple – the player needs to flip the proposed 9 cards face down. The pink color of the shirt and a huge number of colors will further emphasize the spring mood.



The correct answer automatically increases the bet on the multiplier hidden behind the flowers. The main thing is to turn the right one over. Colorful design and fun bonus game system – do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying spring with all your heart.



The payout table will help the participant familiarize himself with the rules of the game and payout ratios. So, the first page is dedicated to special symbols. WILD, which, if necessary, replaces other symbols on the game field, helping to form truly valuable combinations, and the wild also does not have its own payout ratios. Three or more Scatter images will bring free spins, which will surely bring the player more options. Three or more bonus pandas on the reels will certainly open a bonus game for the participant.



All the regular symbols are grouped on the second page of the payout table and have a set of personal coefficients that ultimately determine the amount of the reward. These ratios directly affect the amount of the reward, since they are multiplied by the current bet indicator.



On the third page you can see card signs – classics of gambling, that turned out to be in this machine. They will bring small but regular prizes.



The image of the gong will notify the player of all changes in the game. Three, four or five pandos will lead you to the bonus round, in which you should check your intuition and find the maximum value.



It is worth to hit the gong and notify everyone about winning bonuses. Transfer them to your total score.



The slot is ready to please with colorful graphics – each symbol is detailed and pleases with its spring mood. Add to that a nice extra round in the form of free spins. This is what makes entertainment fun and interesting.



Spin the reels for free and collect your rewards.