Slot machine for SALE – “Azteke”

Slot machine for SALE – “Azteke”



At the time of rapidly evolving technology more more people want at least for the moment to go back to the more ancient eras and feel trends ofthose times. Exactly this task was performed by our team by creating an incredible slot machine about this ancient people like Aztecs.
The Aztecs who lived at Central America (present day Mexico) in the Middle Ages left a significant mark in the history of mankind. Aztec civilization had a rich mythology and cultural heritage. But the art of the Aztecs developed very poorly, they weren’t able to achieve the same success in thevisual arts, which have been achieved by the people of the Maya and other Mesoamerican peoples often Aztecs portrayed their gods, and theyweren’t look like people. Terrible figures with faces, consisting of snakes, scaly creatures in snake costumes exactly such these Aztecs saw their gods in the early period. But later the fine arts of the Aztecs began to bear the features of realism starting from the second half of the 14th century the gods were portrayed as people who wear strange outfits. Earlier shown in the form of outlandish gods Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue began to resemble to humans.
In our new slot machine we tried to recreate the atmosphere of the Middle Ages by passing in game symbols all the uniqueness of people of the Aztecs on them we handed the authenticity of mythology and art of their civilization. By opening the slot, you will immediately plunge into the worldof ancient culture and will feel yourself like a part of it.

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We present to your attention the slot machine “Azteke”, made in the old style and representing various deities. In addition to the main game interface it contains symbols with animation, the slot machine control buttons, as well as indicators of paylines. Collect bonuses and win the ancient treasures in the depths of the wilderness!


Here we decided to show you a set of symbols for the slot machine “Azteke” close-up, so you can evaluate the quality and detail of drawing elements and materials. All these symbols you can meet directly while playing our slot machine “Azteke”.



Here we decided to show you one of the varieties of the background image for the game slot machine. In the day version we see the ruins of an ancient civilization and lush vegetation.



Additional version of the background image for the game slot machine. In the night version of the background image you can see some familiar location which is illuminated by sacrificial torches. Also, this version of the background image can be used on the bonus game screen.


And here you can see the bonus game screen, which we mentioned above. As the main element here is the wheel of fortune of the ancient tribe. Numeric values are located at its sectors, and your task is to score the most points. You rotate the wheel and when it stops, the arrow points to a certain number of your winning. The more attempts you have, the more turns you can do. Good luck!

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