Welcome to our Sound Effects page

Any slot machine is perceived much better and atmospheric when it sounded, and therefore we offer additional services of our sound engineers that sound your new slot machine. Our team doesn't use other people's developments, and creates all sound by their own, so you can be sure of your unique voice acting of yout themed slot machines. The background music of any genre and direction that will bring pleasure to the players.

Our Sound Effects include:


We give you all information about the product, its specifications, what it includes and answer all your questions


Our professional sound designers can modify any sound package by your requirements


SFX artists can create themed sound effects & voices which will perfectly fit the theme and improve the game atmosphere


Creation of program part and mathematics of the online slot game by your requirements or wishes

Examples of our voices for slot machines:

On the following videos are also used our sound effects:

Slot machine - "Blood Circus"

Slot machine - "Ikitan's Quest"

Slot machine - "Smallies & Co"

Slot machine - "Justice Machine"

Now the interface of your slot machine can be sounded so harmoniously that the players reach out to you like bees to honey. The animation of every character, glare, effective transitions, rotation of the reels, clicking the navigation buttons of the slot machine - and every your action will be sounded the most authentic and realistic. Everyone effect voiced by us will cause you a storm of positive emotions. The visual component of getting the jackpots at slot machines can often be different from the others and that's why you made the right choice by visiting us. You can get the jackpot in the chest, which is difficult to open and creaks, but then gold with noise will pour to your feet, and perhaps beautiful laughing girls hide your winnings over their backs and you have to guess - who has your prize.