India dreams

We present our game slot machine "India dreams", made in the tradition of Indian culture.

Mark Twain once wrote about India, the following words: «India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!»

We have tried most authentically reproduce the atmosphere of this exotic and incomprehensible country, so you can imbued with its spirit, and to find in it something special for yourself. The beautiful landscapes of untouched nature, magnificent temples and palaces, amazing by their size and architecture, and a huge amount of natural riches are waiting for you. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit the local markets, where the most exotic and various goods and products, ivories, pearls or coral, gold jewelry with precious diamonds, emeralds and rubies, as well as the luxurious carpets and mountains of fragrant spices on every taste, can be offered for you. It is a home of honest people and you will never be deceived in the purchase, because the reputation of merchants is valued above everything else. You definitely should to haggle with local, because in this case, you will be much faster taken as their man. Music will fascinate you with its lyrical melodies and tunes, and a local fauna will pleasantly surprise you, especially peacocks singing in the early morning. Immerse with us into the world of Indian culture in the game slot machine "India dreams".

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Life of Minions

We are glad to present you a new slot machine "Life of Minions", impregnated by positive energy, cheerfulness and tireless craving for entertainments.

It is said that laughter prolongs life and therefore we suggest you to familiarize with another interpretation of well-known minions. Right here that you will get an excellent opportunity to laugh heartily. Funny and comical characters, who constantly arrange some holidays and having fun as long as they're strong enough, will pleased with their crazy antics and crazy activities. You can see the little kids, which are celebrating the birthday, or entertaining at an amusement park. To make each character unique and to endow him with its role and character, we had to work through a few different options of test sketches, in the result of which we bring to light a unique creation, the appearance of which is able to surprise even the most sophisticated lovers of cartoon graphics.

Here you will meet with the most outstanding representatives of the world's minions - agent of the government, a beautiful stranger, a spoiled player and a lover of selfie, and young punk. You will be able to visit cultural locations in different countries, and of course can’t do without the most necessary attributes of a fun pastime. Bring a bag to put it in the most needed, do not forget the camera to shoot the most cheerful moments of life, skating race, shooting all the passers with soap bubbles along the way. We wish you good fun in our game slot machine "Life of Minions".

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Fruit cocktail

Welcome! Tired of the daily routine and monotony, but you're still far from the desired vacation? Tired of cloudy days and wet asphalt, and the mood is getting worse with each passing day? We invite you to sit back and relax with our gaming slot machine "Fruit cocktail".

For a better presentation of fruit madness in the classical wrapper, we decided to develop our slot machine with the use of new methods of processing 3D graphics. New tools have allowed us to convert pre-painted colored sketches, into 3D and fun fruits. Thanks to cartoon game symbols, the atmosphere of total relaxation and good mood will accompany you throughout all the game play. You place bets, while drinking a cocktail and enjoying the pleasant sea breeze, coming through the open window, fruit symbols are winking to you from the screen in a fun animation, and now you're getting a big jackpot, greedily rubbing his hands. At first glance, all this may seem - an utopia, an impossible dream, or fantasy, but we are trying to create not only slot machines, but also provide them with the magic of a special feeling, to starting to play them, you can feel the atmosphere and feel like in completely another dimension.

At the moment, we want you to take a break from a hard day, think about something pleasant, to gain strength before the new round and later go for the victory. Because the victory - this is what you deserve!

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Thor: Stormlord

We present our game slot machine "Thor: Stormlord", made in vector style and developed on the basis of the Scandinavian myths and legends.

We offer you to plunge into this subject in a playful interpretation, and assess the quality of performance of graphical elements and attributes. In addition to the standard symbols, presented in the form of ancient runes, you can see here the mighty god of thunder - Thor, armed with a powerful, divine hammer - Mjolnir, leading enemies in awe and reverence before its infinite power. In the words of the Torah, only "chosen" is able to lift the hammer and therefore, apart from him, nobody has been able to do it.

Also you can see here the goddess of fertility, love and beauty - Freyja, who often moved across the sky in a chariot, drawn by affectionate cats, and she was a well-versed in magic. Flying above the ground, she sprayed the morning dew and summer sunlight, from her golden curls were falling spring flowers, and tears, falling on the ground or in the sea, turned into amber. But the most attention, we would like to draw the image of Brunnhilde. It was the most warlike and the most beautiful valkyrie, defying Odin: she gave a victory in the battle not to those it was intended by the supreme god. As a punishment, the god plunged her into sleep and exiled to earth, where Brunnhilde had to lie on top of a hill Hindarfyall, surrounded by a wall of fire. All this and much more you can find in our game slot machine "Thor: Stormlord".

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Greek Legends

Welcome! Today we decided to make an excursion across the expanses of fun slot machine "Greek legends", developed in vector design and based on extensive ancient Greek mythology.

You will meet with the powerful gods and goddesses of Olympus, to see wonderful mythical creatures, and to fight with horrible monsters. God of the sun - Helios will illuminate your path on the way to new discoveries, dispelling the darkness, which was sent by God of dreams - Morpheus, the mighty Hercules will protect in times of danger and come to help in the most difficult moment, and winged Pegasus will take you away from the fatal sight of the Medusa Gorgon, while she won't turn you into a stone. You will get acquainted with the noble Prometheus and deliver a piece of fire to humanity, as well as to meet with the most beautiful goddess of love - Aphrodite and from the heart to have some fun in the company of Dionysus. But not all the gods are friendly and except the fun you'll have to enter into battle with the god of war - Ares, and also to avoid tricky traps of Hades, which is always ready to get a fresh soul for his underworld kingdom.

We invite you to play with us in the slot machine "Greek legends" and win unprecedented wealth, which could be the envy of King Midas. Upon reaching some success, you will have access to bonus games where you can collect your points and thereby increase your winnings up to Olympic level. Let luck accompanies you today. The luck, which is worthy of the gods!

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Beauties & Romance

You can be the soul of the company, cheerful storyteller and energetic habitue of the most fashionable and glamorous parties? Is nightlife and luxurious events your sphere of natural habitats, where you feel like a fish in water?

Especially for the most sophisticated persons we have prepared a game slot machine "Beauties & Romance", a place where you can realize your wildest whims. In the morning you will find a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear pools in the company of the most sultry and charming representatives of the golden youth, and the evenings you will be carried out, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in the casino. At the local female inhabitants there are no liquidity problems and you need to match their level, otherwise you just got the wrong address. Their fingers are covered with tight gold rings and their hands are entwined with bracelets, inlaid with precious stones. They live in the most luxurious residences and drive through the expanse on the perfect vehicles limited series. Would you like to make a sea voyage with the photo session - excellent! Want to shopping chasing the innovations of the season - there is nothing easier. They are young, beautiful and unlimited in its freedom, because the presence of platinum cards - the most reliable key to all doors.

Join the new community of successful people and discover new horizons. Luxury life awaits you in the game slot machine "Beauties & Romance".

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We suggest you to challenge the treacherous traitors and return the ancient scroll of power in our new development of slot machine "Shinobi". This slot machine is entirely based on the oriental theme and offers to look behind the veil of a society of mysterious mercenaries and secret assassins in medieval Japan.

According to the legends, the ninjas were brave, trained people who had been specially trained in early childhood in the very complex art of ninjutsu. This art included a lot of different skills, such as finding the right information, skills of using any weapons, defense from any weapons, sudden appearance and concealment, knowledge of local medicine, herbal medicine and acupuncture. Most of them could spend a long time under water, breathing through a straw, climbing into hard-to-reach places on rocks, to orient at different terrain.

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Rich Pirates

Salt spray and surf noise, the cry of seagulls and robber songs in the taverns - all this is just a small romantic preface before completely plunging into the virtual world of slot machines on pirate themes. But today we will expand our story and show you much more. Arm yourself with a mug of rum, because our history takes time very well.

Long years the sea robbers plowed the spaces of the seas and oceans in search of rich ships and brave leaders who became captains of warships and led their subordinates to untold riches and luxury. Of course, luck loves the brave and not everyone was lucky. Many died in sea battles, others died from exotic diseases, but those who survived, then for a long time told stories about their adventures and escapades. We decided to create a slot machine based on such stories and show you our vision of the pirate era in the form of graphic materials.

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Egyptian Treasure

Welcome, dear visitor! Today we will move to the virtual world of Egyptian mysteries and secrets, and you will get the role of an adventurer and mysterious artifacts in our new slot machine "Egyptian Treasure". Get ready for a new experience and unexplored findings that you are destined to find.

In ancient Egypt there wasn't one main religion, but there was a great variety of local cults dedicated to specific deities. Numerous deities, revered in various localities, personified various powers of nature and social phenomena. The gods were worshiped in cult temples, which were property of the priests acting on behalf of the pharaoh. In the center of the temple was a cult statue in the sanctuary. Temples were not places of public worship or meetings, and only on specific days of holidays and celebrations the statue of the deity was taken out of the sanctuary for public worship.

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Cats of the World

For all fans and lovers of the family of felines, there is an excellent opportunity to participate in the game process of our new slot machine "Cats of the World". Graphic design will not leave indifferent even the most picky guest, and possible bonuses will please even the most sophisticated gamblers.

In search of new ideas, we quite regularly get out of our habitat and as the result of this can be a variety of fruits and subjects. Today we decided to show you the next result of our excursions and share our vision of the wild. This slot machine was developed not only for virtual online casinos, but also for land based terminals located in America and Europe. As a new idea, we decided to use our developments, collected photos and video materials after tourist tours at the African spaces. Sensations obtained in the process of exotic safari tours can not be described in simple words.

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Bombshell Bombers

As you know, chains of various online casinos are not limited to several themes for their slot machines and constantly expand their list. In addition to the quantity and variety, we have to come up with interesting and fascinating stories that can surprise and entertain the player, and today you will become one of the participants in such a test drive.

We thought for a long time about what should be our next slot machine, what could be its thematic affiliation and graphic design. In search of inspiration, we decided to stay on the subject of air battles of the Second World War, and in particular on the events which were in Pearl Harbor. After carefully studying the historical facts and the chronology of events, we began to compile a list of thematic objects that could be used as game elements of our slot machine. We hasten to note that the goal of our development was not the introduction of the player into the state of historical events and the search for facts, but it was necessary to preserve the atmosphere and now you can feel it.

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Machine City

For all lovers of complex solutions and non-standard graphic designs, we propose to join to the steampunk style in its best traditions. Now, even the most avid online casino patrons will be able to expand their personal collection of gaming slot machines, and we'll be happy to assist in the implementation of the conceived plans.

In the beginning, we would like to explain to those of you who don't know the term "steampunk". Steampunk is the direction of science fiction, that models a civilization that has mastered the mechanics and technology of steam engines. As a rule, steampunk means an alternative development of mankind with a pronounced general stylization like the Victorian era of England and an era of early capitalism with a specific urban landscape and contrast social separation. The steampunk's specific artistic form has led to the emergence of a certain steampunk style in the world culture.

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