Siberian tiger

Hard climatic conditions and vast Siberian areas truly deserve your attention, but we've taken care that you don't freeze and don't erase the soles of your shoes. Now you have a great opportunity to get acquainted with all the graphic materials devoted to the subject of the Siberian climate without stop watching at the screen.

Our goal was to create the most picturesque landscapes, which you can watch for hours and at the same time to get aesthetic pleasure. Not without local fauna, where we presented few of the most interesting species of wild inhabitants in the form of thematic game symbols. Imagine how an Amur tiger sneaks for its prey, which is a noble deer, and remains literally a couple of meters to grab it, but the deer slips away at the last moment. A viviparous lizard is getting out from its underground to breathe fresh air after a long sleep. The famous Siberian brown bear, which can eat both vegetable and animal food, is going to water bodies. The thing is the fish has an important role in its nutrition. In summer and autumn, during spawning migrations of salmon, dozens of Siberian brown bears gather in shallow rivers to get fish out of the water or catch it in the air when it jumps out, overcoming rapids.

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Face off

How long have you attended cultural events, where you can relax not only your body but your soul? Are you attracted to theatrical performances, which show is intended for the general public? We invite you to visit the newest representation in the world of slot machines and to look behind the scenes for the development of theatrical themes.

Traditions and history of the Japanese theater goes back to the very distant past, but today we will not go into details, but only touch on the most relevant and interesting moments. The traditional Japanese theater is a complex and multicolored world, with many books and articles dedicated to each of its components, some of the features of these representations migrated even to the cinema, and for us it became a source of inspiration when creating a set of graphic materials for the slot-machine "Face off". There are several varieties of Japanese theaters, but we would like to touch upon the themes of the Kabuki Theater.

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La vida Mexicana

A little of incendiary music and bright colors will take you to completely unknown places and will allow you to look at the world of slot machines in a slightly different way. Prepare for an exciting trip and grab all the essentials that can be useful to you in your journey. Welcome to the heart of Mexico!

The reckless celebration, the pervasive merriment and the thousands of dead alive have filled the city - nothing surprising. Mexico is celebrating "Dia de los Muertos".

Everything turns upside down. Night becomes the day, the cemetery - the most popular place in the city, the living will be dressed as dead, and the deceased's will come to life. Historically, it has turned out that Mexico has a completely different attitude to death than in Europe, which is habitual for us. Death for them is not the end, but the continuation of life in another world.

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Chinese fortune

We suggest you to review with the game slot machine "Chinese fortune", made in the best cultural traditions of the Far East.

In a quiet backwater on the mirror water surface the gentle lilies are peacefully swaying, and entice you to visit this beautiful place. The wind gently sways dense bamboo thickets and gives the impression that behind them lies a talented musician who strums sincere motives for the overall picture of peace and tranquility. Under the roof of the majestic pagoda residents organize the tea ceremony, brewing the finest and spicy Chinese teas.
Beauty, traditions, harmony.

As the evening came you will certainly need to visit a Chinese festival, which takes place in the squares, and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the national and cultural attributes. We have prepared a set of game symbols specifically for the slot machine to accentuate compliance with the chosen theme. Sets cliche of pure gold, jade statues of imperial tigers, festive lanterns and firecrackers. Also, we didn't forget about the golden frog statue, that brings luck and cash flow to its owner, as well as create unique characters. Wise and fair emperor, which enthroned on a golden lion and battle-hardened master of javelin. Wise and fair emperor, enthroned on a golden lion and battle-hardened master javelin. We wish you a good mood, inner peace and great winnings.

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We are glad to present you the slot machine "Lung-fu", based on traditional eastern stories and legends about the confrontation between two forces. Each force has its own field and mission, but nobody knows - will be the confrontation or not, and what will be next.

Clean mountain air gets into your lungs, and fills them with the power and freshness. You contemplate the most majestic landscape in your life - a place where the mountains go up high, far beyond the clouds and illuminated by sunlight. The ideal temperature allows vegetation to coat the rocks densely and turn them into a picture of indescribable beauty and balance. Above, the golden dragon is flying and watching, what is happening on the ground, and at the foot of the mountains the tiger is wandering and guards his land from the constantly overhanging dragon. Many people, with bated breath awaiting some events, but nothing happens. Life goes on, and local workers continue to go about their worldly affairs until their guarded by two deities.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our slot machine in the spare time, armed with a cup of green tea and is conveniently located in the easy chair or on the couch, turning on some relaxing music and plunged into nirvana. The quality of graphics performance will pleasantly surprise you and make sure that you really looked for the light curtain in the Asian region. Let the power of the dragon and the tiger wisdom will help you to win in our slot machine.

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In early childhood, you always listened stories and before a bedtime you've read about the great kingdoms, about conflict between good and evil, unprecedented adventure and journey through an imaginary places. The fabulous villains have intrigues against the main characters to prevent their plans and knock off the intended path. The forces of good tried to defeat evil against all odds, and establish the flag justice. All these stories are captured and inspired us, we imagined ourselves as heroes and dreamed of the same adventures. Years later, we have grown up, but still remember the most vivid stories of our childhood.

Today we have prepared for you a slot machine "Wonderland", based on the most famous fairy tale by Lewis Carroll - "Alice in Wonderland"! Are you ready to go out for an adventure in the new game interpretation? Do you want to know - how is deep the rabbit hole? Then go! You will visit the fabulous and incredible place where all is not so like in reality. Take a stroll through outlandish mushroom glades, but be careful, because behind every bush and flower may be lurking hostile creatures, that wish to prevent you in your journey. You will meet the talking rabbit, you will get acquainted with the wise caterpillar and will take a part in the tea party in the company of the Mad Hatter. But do not relax, because you still have to fight with an army of Red Queen, and to help the Duchess to return her rightful throne. Welcome to the fabulous world of gaming slot machine "Wonderland".

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Empire of gauls

Welcome to the fabulous world of gaming slot machine "Empire of Gauls", where we have gathered the most vivid illustration and game symbols, dedicated to the subject of the peace people of Gaul.

Here you can see the local people, each of which is engaged in their favorite thing and every day is enjoying life. They hunt in the dark thickets and forests for the terrible and fatty boars, they're fishing and gathering herbs, and on holidays organize mass celebrations, where fry whole boars and uncork barrels of wine and honey. But not all so easy, as it might seems at first sight to a simple layman. Dastardly Romans dream to expand the possessions territory of the empire, and they're resolved to conquer the peaceful village, but they have no idea that the peaceful people of Gaul is able to give them a worthy rebuff and to put an end to the rough attacks on their lands.

In our slot machine you will meet with already known characters - Asterix and Obelix and their faithful four-legged companion Idefix, who is always accompanies of our good friends. While our heroes are training and preparing for a meeting with the insidious invaders, by eating juicy, rosy meat, local Druid collects the necessary ingredients and herbs in the forest, to cook a magic potion to give immense power and agility. Naive Roman soldiers are confident of victory, because they still not even aware, what destructive force they will encounter. Well, we wish them good luck, although it will not help them in a meeting with our brave protectors of Gaul.

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We are glad to present you the game slot machine "Vikings", impregnated with the spirit of Scandinavian stories and made in accordance with the theme of local folklore.

A long time ago, in the northern lands behind icy seas, lived harsh nation of real heroes. Hardened by the fierce cold and have a truly marvelous immunity and powerful physique, they boldly challenged to the nature and to the optimists, who dared to join with them in the dispute. The hard climate and rigorous training could temper the young boys, and turn them into brutal and unflinching warriors, good-natured among the people, and ruthless in bloody battles!

You have to join the ranks of the mighty Vikings, to learn their culture and traditions, enjoy the landscapes of their homeland, and the modernization of their humble dwellings. Taste the local food, which has rich abundance of high-calorie foods in order to maintain morale, and sing the glorious name of Odin as the true scald. In the weapon arsenal you will find a surprisingly considerable amount of all kinds of weapons, which can kill your enemy by the most sophisticated ways. Your choice you'll be provided with the mighty two-handed axes, two-edged swords and deadly spears, that enter into the flesh of the enemy, as if a red-hot knife into a piece of fresh butter. Step aboard on the combat drakkar, that is proudly dissecting the water surface, and go to conquer new lands, bravely encountering any dangers on the way. Good luck and enjoyable game in the slot machine "Vikings".

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Fun fair

Just today and only now, three-dimensional madness, embodied in our slot machine "Fun fair", opens its doors to all, who wish to indulge in unrestrained merriment!

Our team decided not to restrain ourselves in diversity, and provide you with a wide range of all kinds the entertainment, embodied by the use of advanced hardware and the latest software in the area of 3D graphics. You will have access many well known attractions, as well as to few slot machines, which are presented here in the form of individual bonus games. You have the whole day ahead of unforgettable emotions and adrenaline action; and to strengthen these expressions, we invite you to ride on the crazy rollercoaster. Wind will certainly spoil your fashionable hairstyle, but the positive waves will give you more energy and joy. See the beauty of the urban landscape with a bird's eye view will allow you to walk on the Ferris wheel.

Do you like a speed and you can't imagine a life without a healthy rivalry? In this case, we offer you to take a part in crazy races on free trajectory. For the youngest visitors, we have prepared several varieties of cheerful carousels, that no one can't be bored and stayed satisfied throughout the day. Find your power, check your dexterity, shoot in the dash and knock out some great prizes! And if you are tired of the hustle and decided to relax, you can go under the big top, armed with a beam of cotton candy. Here are working for you funny clowns, animal trainers and talented equilibrists. We wish you good mood and pleasant pastime!

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Gladiator of Rome

Once upon a time, he has served to the emperor and was a great commander, who managed to persuade the feet of the Roman Empire, the whole unruly tribes of barbarians. He was an excellent tactician and strategist, and carefully thought out orders given to his faithful troops before battle.

However, even among those who loved him, and composed legends of his exploits were those, in whose hearts germinated an envy and malice, more and more accrescent and acquiring a sinister shape. Through a series of events, he had to go through different severe tests - from the treacherous exile and slavery to gladiator fights and performances.

We present to you the game slot machine "Gladiator of Rome", made in the vector style, and based as a result of inspiration, derived from watching Ridley Scott's film. We offer to get used to the role of a gladiator, where you will have to re-gain the respect, causing a storm of applause and rapturous jubilation of the crowd. Every time, destroying a new enemy, you approach to one step closer to a meeting with your sworn enemy. Do not spare anyone on your path, generously spilling blood for the joy of the spectators, because now your goal is to close more than ever. Bloodthirsty warriors and ferocious beasts can't to compare with your bravery, courage and a fierce thirst for victory. From now, the destiny of Rome is in your hands!

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Mafia hunt

Immerse yourself into the charm of gambling and wild colors of the nightlife with our gaming slot machine "Mafia hunt".

While dull clerks scurrying through the streets, or get in packs, in search of decent work, the most penetrative of them helpfully offer to help the bandits, not wanting to breathe dust papers in stuffy offices. The boys were yelling in all throat, offering to buy the latest news and to know, whose body was found in the river last night. At first glance, this may seems the ordinary and usual, but in fact on these streets has long been run by the gang families, and dominates a stupid and disobedient people, promising to return for his protection. The most dedicated policemen they easily lead around a finger, blowing dust in the eyes and applying clever tricks. Everyone else is already considered in their fist. The doors of the underground casino are opens in front of you, and knowing the right people, can get quite their own. Although that many people know about ownerships of online business to mafia clans, these facilities are never empty. The motliest crowd is walking here all night long. Famous actors, big bankers and petty thieves are drinking expensive champagne at the same tables with corrupt cops, which are playing blackjack and roulette. Beautiful dancer are beckoning you to drink a glass of whiskey and enjoy the show, but behind a secret wall is conducting illegal bets by the most inveterate thieves elite representatives.

Take part in this dazzling cocktail with the fiery rhythms of jazz music, but be careful and keep your mouth shut, because until the morning you can still have time to go as the fish feed. Good luck!

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Vampire hunters

Few centuries ago, in the castle of one of the Lords, lush balls and noisy celebration were arranged, gathered distinguished guests, set the tables and the room was filled with light and the sounds of voices. The loud music was playing, performed by talented musicians, and people were breaking into pairs circled in a whirlwind of dancing, flushed with laughter and drunk wine. Some of them went away to the rooms, others escaped to the balcony to breathe the fresh air, but something was wrong. Only in the morning, when the castle was enveloped by the silence and hundreds of mixed odors, it turned out that among the invited guests there nobody left alive. The only courtier, who was survived, became the witness of a frightening picture, which plunged him into unspeakable horror and shock. Trembling with fear, he jumped out of the castle and ran like mad away from the place, at which the curse has fallen. However, in the depths of medieval rooms still someone been.

Welcome to our gaming slot machine "Vampire hunters", where you will play the role of a vampire hunter, and conduct its own, independent investigation of once happened the tragedy. Find out all the causes of the incident, and to find the culprit of an ancient curse and many innocent victims. You will be provided with an arsenal of fighter with evil spirits, magic artifacts and enchanted precious stones, as well as a book of powerful spells for the contingency.

Be alert and do not succumb to the temptations and enticements, because there are rumors that a vampire, who settled in the castle, is a beautiful woman, seeing of which blood freezes in the veins of even the experienced fighter of evil.

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