Slot machine “Pirate Island”

Slot machine “Pirate Island”




Pirate theme is very common for slot machines. Therefore, the emergence of new slots this subject does not cause delight of the players. However, our designers still tried to interest the players: themed animated characters, along with three bonus games, create a dynamic picture of the pirate life. This and boredom of everyday life on the ship, and blood-curdling battle with sailors and warships, and an exciting treasure hunt on land.

The inherent attributes of the pirates were chosen as symbols, such as a telescope, pirate flag, gun, swords, treasure map, chest, etc.
Drawing characters made in cartoon style and has to itself.



Backgrounds for this slot machine in the Centre the instrument marine theme: Main screen – a pirate ship, the game Bonus: 1) Treasure Island, 2) Ship on the sea background





Character animation is quite simple, but interesting. You can be sure that starting to play at this slot, you are interested in them for a long time.


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